Gotshell present the ‘Lost Gateway Part II’.

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Last year we talked about Gotshell‘s EP ‘Lost Gateway‘, it was a proper techno release that got successful reviews. Now Korpus 9 is releasing the second part. This is definitely a recommendable piece, like in the first part, every track has its own thing, concluding in great techno productions.

Lost Gateway Part II‘ features 4 tracks (gate five to gate eight) and will be released on June 18th,2021. Here we come with four more recordings that complement the novelette of the fully emotional first pack you can also find in Korpus 9 label catalog.
Airy rhythms along with experimental percussions are able to make you plunge into a unique kind of trance. Enough talk, better not to miss this quality Techno machine submitted by Korpus 9.

Label: Korpus 9
1. Gate Five (Original Mix)
2. Gate Six (Original Mix)
3. Gate Seven (Original Mix)
4. Gate Eight (Original Mix)

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