Delusional weekly podcast ‘Bad Habits’ is reaching its 10th episode dropping out a very special edition.

For all of us that interactuate day by day with the electronic music scene, this days, weeks, months, has been a little bizarre. But that doesn’t mean we limit ourselves and stop discovering music, artists, and above all, enjoying quality music.

The news for today is that Delusional Promotions fresh weekly podcast ‘Bad Habits‘ is reaching its 10th episode now. For this special edition, the Guatemala City based promoter has putted out 3 fantastic dj mixes flavored by three different specials guests that represents the finest sounds from Nicaragua, they are Luigi Bridges, De Leon and Plon.
This comes after following the recent and very accepted previous episodes of the podcast, that has seen a lot of good mixes by the best national talent, and international as well, including artists like Nicolas Ming, Roro,  Josh Butler, Urqui, Stefano Kosa, NANDO, Andy Peimbert, Tektonauts, Armandd G and now, for this special 10th edition, three new podcast by three different djs that are killing it with their music in Nicaragua.
To listen to the 10th edition of the Bad Habits podcast, stay tuned tomorrow Friday 29, 2020 at 6:00PM (GMT-6) (Guatemala time) on the Delusional Promotions page in Soundcloud, or listen to it here in the soundcloud player embedded below.

Without a doubt,  this podcast is giving a lot to talk about and worths to following, this guys from Delusional are externalizing the national talent, and importing music from other corners of the world, joining scenes and above all, giving us tranquility and good music, while we stay at home.

We take a look into the programming of this podcast for upcoming episodes, and there are plenty of good artists invited, so, we have tasty and avant-garde electronic music from here to July at least.

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