La Mverte to release a new EP, ‘Alchemy Calls’.

Paris-based synth wave musician La Mverte is about to put out his new EP titled ‘Alchemy Calls‘, and simultaneously inaugurates his recently founded label Les Enfers, of which this record is the first release. The EP due out October 29, 2021 is a combination of synth wave aesthetic, new beat movement, along with slowed-down trance that creates a true club alchemy. What results very interesting on this release are the elements and textures used, it makes this record a powerful dark disco banger, recommended to have in every music collection. Stay tuned and read the full story below.


With Alchemy Calls, La Mverte once again pushes the door of the club, closed for too long. Composed of 3 tracks and enriched with 2 remixes, the record proposes a progression in 3 phases, following the alchemical process at the base of the Great Work(GW) and the quest for the philosopher’s stone. A true cathartic experience in the time of crisis, the production of the EP was also therapeutic, an unexpected way to find the club and night atmospheres that were so much missed. On Nigredo, La Mverte summons certain codes of Detroit electro and explores them through the prism of his influences and his machines. He invites Jean-Christophe Couderc from the band Vox Low on vocals, who tackles the Blackness, the first stage of the GW, but also the confrontation with one’s own demons as theorized by Carl Jung.

With Albedo, La Mverte progresses and approaches the stage of purification, in an intense and contrasted synth wave aesthetic. He seeks to absolve himself of all judgement, in search of spiritualisation and a rejuvenation of the mind and body. This is also the end of the second phase, but the GW will only be completed with Rubedo, the last original track on the EP. With this nodto Belgium and the New Beat movement he is particularly fond of, La Mverte concludes the experiment, returns to the dust and finally sees his spirit embodied.

Artist. La Mverte
Title. Alchemy Calls
Label. Les Enfers
Format. Digital
Release date. October 29, 2021


1. Nigredo ft. JC from Vox Low
2. Albedo
3. Rubedo
4. Nigredo ft. JC from Vox Low (Javi Redondo Remix)
5. Albedo (Anatolian Weapons Remix)


Photos of La Mvuerte, by Elodie Dupuis.

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