Nico Cabeza to release new EP ‘Thunder Spears’ via HE-ART.

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Oscar Aguilera’s label HE-ART welcomes Nico Cabeza with his new EP ‘Thunder Spears‘. The release brings out two original tracks composed with Industrial textures, brooding atmospherics and a full batch of energetic techno. The EP will be out the next Friday 18 June 2021. We highly recommend this EP. Stay tuned and read below full details.

Nico Cabeza has been making a name for himself as one of the breakthrough talents of 2021. His recent remix on HE-ART was played by the likes of Adam Beyer on Drumcode Radio, and his EP on the Cosmic Boys label Legend charted on Beatport.
Originally from Italy but currently based in Berlin, Nico Cabeza has made a name for himself as a skilled DJ who plays regularly at underground events across Europe. His back catalogue also includes music signed to labels ranging from Christian Smith’s Tronic to Monika Kruse’s Terminal M.
The two original tracks on this release once again show his natural ability to fuse aggressive drum patterns with compelling synth lines, in order to find the perfect balance between dark tension and uplifting euphoria.
Tracks description.
First track ‘Thunder Spears’ opens the release with rattling percussion and a thumping kick drum before the throbbing bassline takes hold. Industrial textures and a spine-tingling synth line build towards a truly epic breakdown section, before the percussion kicks back in to unleash hell.
Senond track ‘Istinto Ibrido’ is a bass heavy track with pulsating sub bass shrouded in brooding atmospherics. The broken beat percussion creates a rolling groove that’s both dark and intense while the ethereal pads add an eerie contrast. Understated, this track is a perfect mood setter for any techno DJ set.

Cover Artwork.



Label: HE-ART
Artist: Nico Cabeza
Title: Thunder Spears
Release Date: Friday 18 June 2021
Format: Digital


01. Thunder Spears
02. Istinto Ibrido


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