ANNA unveils two remixes of Orbital’s classic anthem ‘Belfast’.

Paying tribute to classical records that became anthems, Brazilian techno superstar ANNA unveils two remixes of Orbital’s seminal ‘Belfast’, that will come out on November 10th, 30 years after the original’s emotive energy began to captivate clubbers.-

ANNA’s remixes of Orbital ‘Belfast’ are out now via London Music Stream. Find everything you want to know, and listen to the ‘Belfast (ANNA Techno Remix)’ below.

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ANNA may have been only six years old when ‘Belfast’ was first released, but she certainly understands Orbital in their purest form. Her powerful ‘Techno Remix’ injects earthy heft with rattling, tribal drums underpinning the iconic melodies of the original, giving off a fittingly strident update on ‘90s techno aesthetics. ANNA’s ‘Ambient Remix’ strips things back and hones in on the production’s captivating leads and enigmatic vocals, offering a laid back but enthralling take.

Artist. Orbital
Title. Belfast
Remixer. ANNA
Release date. November 10, 2021
Label. London Music Stream


  1. Belfast (ANNA Techno Remix)
  2. Belfast (ANNA Ambient Remix)

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