Keith Carnal returns to his Second Degree imprint to deliver the label’s sixth EP, ‘SEC006’.

Amsterdam based Keith Carnal is back on his Second Degree imprint to deliver a new and very proper 4-track EP. This is the label’s sixth release, featuring four fresh productions with the trademark of Keith’s own style of techno, always with a strong emphasis on melodies and heavy grooves made for dancing. ‘SEC006’ drops via Second Degree on 17th December 2021, with a vinyl release set to follow in early 2022. Stay tuned, this EP showcases phenomenal soundscapes. full details below.

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An artist at the heart of The Netherlands’ rich techno scene, Amsterdam-based DJ and producer Keith Carnal continues to impress delivering stand out material via the likes of ARTS and Bpitch alongside remixes for Ellen Allien and more. A curator and tastemaker of the genre, Carnal also helms his Second Degree imprint, launched in late 2018 and home to his own solo material. Following on from the labels impressive fifth instalment earlier this year, he returns to round out the year on home turf as he drops four new productions combining slick grooves and infectious vocals with his signature tough yet vibrant sonics.

Opening cut ‘Chauvanistic Pigs’ welcomes the arrival of a hypnotic, entrancing cut as pacy drums and icy hats guide tripped out vocals and warping synths, while ‘Einfach’ keeps the energy levels high as tough kicks go to work beneath sweeping leads and tumbling atmospherics. Next, ‘Sitting Around’ fuses ebbing with wonky acid lines and eerie core melodies, before closing via the emphatic soundscapes of the aptly titled ‘Happy But Sad’.

Keith Carnal ‘SEC006’ drops via Second Degree on 17th December 2021, with a vinyl release set to follow in early 2022.

Artist. Keith Carnal
Title. SEC006
Label. Second Degree
Release date digital. 17th December 2021
Release date vinyl. Early 2022


  1. Chauvanistic Pigs
  2. Einfach
  3. Sitting Around
  4. Happy But Sad

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