Antigua Guatemala’s raves venue Toonel open its doors to the public for the first time, ‘La Ultima Cena’.

Perceived as a non-traditional art concept, but which result very interesting and necessary in the electronic music scene in Guatemala, we invite you to meet the ‘Toonel’, a venue located ten minutes from the center of Antigua Guatemala. Their proposal is exciting and offers a new concept of electronic music raves, mainly guided towards Hard Dance and its derivatives.

Among other upcoming things, the promoters of this new venue/concept are presenting their first event called ‘La Ultima Cena‘, being this their official presentation, using the occasion to transmit to the public their basic objectives, and their commitments to value and promote the rave culture focusing on recover the principles that founded this activity (RAVE), offering the public an open meeting space, free of intolerances, and that above all celebrates freedom of expression and individuality, regardless of gender, religion or sexual orientation.

The mission of the ‘Toonel’ is to create that safe and inclusive space where assistants can enjoy in the best way, the best musical proposals from the best Guatemalan artists and DJs that are invited to play, and thus give the local scene a dancefloor and a place that generates unique musical experiences supported always by the love for music, the respect for others, and of course, to have fun and a good dancing. In short terms, their goal is to create pure rave culture.

Visit Toonel’s Youtube chanel to watch their livestream episodes recorded in the venue.

TOONEL Youtube

The ‘Toonel‘, as we have described in this note, will open its doors to the public for the first time with ‘La Ultima Cena‘, a party planned with a lot of work and passion by the organizers, that will take place on Saturday, November 27 in a spectacular venue located 10 minutes from the center of Antigua Guatemala.

There will be a lineup composed in the best way, also some live recordings of the dj sets played on the event. The confirmed artists in the lineup are Mvuerto Futura, Hector Roman, Silk Road, Sofiah, Gina Cifre and LSDJ. Likewise, an afterparty has been announced, so that no one is left with the desire to dance. The lineup of the after features Nando, Black Dot, Ryoga, Madelief, Fauno, Hunab Ku and Juank Heart.

Facebook Event

Without a doubt, this concept is followed by the same love we got here for non-traditional and necessary musical concepts to create a real culture to follow, which makes it a safe place for ravers and musical passionists, worthy of your assistance to the event, and our good review.

Find all useful information below:

‘La Ultima Cena’ by Toonel.

Facebook Event

Where: Location TBA (At the Toonel)
Time: 13:00 hrs. Onward.
Tickets: Ask for your pre sales tickets via Whatsapp to this number: GT +502 3169-0203
(Tickets also on door)

Line Up:

Stage 1:
Mverto Futura
Hector Roman
Silk Road
Gina Cifre

Stage 2:
Black Dot
Hunab Ku

Flyer artwork credits: Teresa Boscaro ( @boscaroboscaro )

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