Dekeyden landed on Axis records with a new EP, ‘Inner Reality’. 

Jeff Mills label Axis records is proud to announce their next release, this time by Dekeyden that delivers a phenomenal 4-track conceptual EP entitled ‘Inner Reality‘.

The EP showcases brilliant textures, sci-fi sounds and rhythms of the space, and will be out on December 17th, 2021 via AXIS- The Escape Velocity. If you already know the sound of Axis, this EP definitely has to be in your collection of advanced music. Stay tuned, full details below. Order here: Axis Shop

Dekeyden is an electronic musician, dj and sound designer  that have released his tracks in labels such as Planet Rhythm, AWRY, Molecular Rec, Affekt Recordings and now Axis Records.

Concept behind this album:

Earth is distant.
The person seems to have disappeared.
The transhumanistic elite, brought human beings to the fusion with AI.
Biomechanical absoluteness has lowered everything to an implementation.
During an expedition towards a close nebula, a signal from nowhere destroys
the internal firewall of one of them.
Just an error, generated by that noise, gives rise to an ancient perception,
something hits himself,
those are emotions,
he´s alive.
After he almost reached any space, and traveled for such long time
his essential trip starts again,
the inner one,
for an old-new interdimensional tale…

Label: AXIS- The Escape Velocity
Artist: Dekeyden
Title: Inner Reality EP
Format: EP
Release Format: Digital
Release Date: December 17th, 2021
Cat. No. ASD053
Distribution: AXIS Shop


01. A Different Path
02. Behind The Move
03. Slice Of
04. Inner Reality

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