Ricardo Garduno to release a new album ‘Particles I’ via Ucker.

Ricardo Garduno is back at Ucker Records with a new 9-track album that has been entitled ‘Particles I‘. This is an extended EP with tracks that the producer has saved for a while and the label decided to take them all and made a fantastic job. The album is due out December 20, 2021 in Vinyl, Cassette and digital via Ucker. The records have it all, Downtempo pieces, Sci-fi elements, hypnotic atmospheres and of course, dancefloor bangers, we truly recommend it. Stay tuned, full details below.

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Ricardo Garduno is The Founder of Illegal Alien Records, Mexican born and raised, also one of the most influential figures in the global techno scene. Ricardo has been an anchor for Ucker since we started, so we selected him to kick off a new series called Particles. In this selection we can appreciate how versatile and talented creator he is.

Tracks Descriptions.

Stellar Mantle is a downtempo piece that sets up the tone of this galactic journey with a solid bass and a floating melodic arrangement.

The intention to create a hypnotic atmosphere can be clearly perceived in tracks such as The Skinny Girl and Day Zero, where the simple effective loopy structures are driven by melodies, creating a mental approach towards techno.

Damn Goblin and Hidden Gods have a futuristic approach with lots of sci-fi elements replacing the melodiousness patterns with a very enjoyable sense of confusion and non predictable arrangements.

There are also magnificent dance floor bangers, such as Ungrateful, A Little Blood and Guilty or Not, with very fat low end combinations, subtle and complex layering that create the need to dance hard and be driven by the enormous dark energy that these tunes reflect from start to end.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this outstanding creation as much as we do.

The concept behind Particles I:

All matter is composed of different particles which contain an energetic charge. This also happens with music: brainstorming an idea, a development stage and the final result of a musical piece. Everything has an intention and an emotional charge. Everything is composed of particles.

In this new series we deliver a selection of the artistic musical journey of the renowned producer Ricardo Garduno. A special release in which we will find many shades of his work over time.

Today each of these masterpieces see the light.

Today we are leaving an important mark in the history of Techno.

Artist. Ricardo Garduno
Title. Particles I
Label. Ucker Records
Release date: December 20, 2021
Format. Vinyl, Digita, Cassette


  1. Ricardo Garduno – Stellar Mantle
  2. Ricardo Garduno – Day Zero
  3. Ricardo Garduno – Ungrateful
  4. Ricardo Garduno – Damn Goblin
  5. Ricardo Garduno – The Skinny Girl
  6. Ricardo Garduno – Hidden Gods
  7. Ricardo Garduno – A Little Blood
  8. Ricardo Garduno – Guilty or Not
  9. Ricardo Garduno – The Perfect Dose

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