Exclusive interview featuring Drumcomplex.

For the eleventh installment of our interview series, we introduce Drumcomplex.

Drumcomplex aka Arnd Reichow is a techno DJ, radio host, producer and label head of Complexed Records, KXLR8 Records and now his new label DCMX. He also has released his tracks on seminal labels such as Carl Cox’s Intec Digital, Monika Kruse’s Terminal M or Andre Crom’s OFF Recordings.

Active since the late 90’s, he is one of Germany’s most dedicated techno purveyors with a body of work reaching crowds around the globe. In this Exclusive interview, Arnd speaks about his new record label ‘DCMX‘, which is primarily dedicated to his own productions, which will be released on his new label only as singles. He also talks about the first single ‘Motion‘ (order on Beatport) released this month on DCMX, and some very interesting aspects of his career. Read the full interview below. 

Hello Arnd, it’s a pleasure and thanks for chatting with us. First of all, how are you and where in the world are you taking this interview

Many thanks for the invitation I am just at home in my studio in Emmerich / Germany.

Just for curiosity, where does the pseudonym ‘Drumcomplex’ come from, does it mean something or have a history behind it?

It’s a long story. In early 2000 my brother and I started producing music at home and it was around 2002 where the first demo was signed by Toneman Records. But for that we needed a good name. After a long time of thinking back and forth we came up with the term Drumcomplex. It was something about the complexity of drumming which described our style quite well. My brother was always the backup in the studio and I always represented Drumcomplex on stage alone. In 2016 my brother left Drumcomplex and since then I am responsible for the output in the studio all by myself.

What led you to start with your career in the electronic music scene? How did it all begin?

In the early 90s I came to electronic music through a club visit and I was fascinated by the sound and being a DJ. From then on I was in the record store every week and practiced constantly at home and then in 1993 I was allowed to play my first gig in a local club. From then on I was every weekend in Germany on the road partly as a raver but also as an artist behind the decks. As just described in the question before, the Drumcomplex era began around 2002.

How do you manage to stay motivated to keep producing music, any tip?

I am a music lover and listen to a lot of different music genres including rock, metal, electronic and pop. This gives me very often creative input. It was always important for me to produce my own tracks and I never get bored with that.

What comes to your mind if we talk about the techno scene back in the 90’s, is there any name, gig, record, or anything that reminds you of something special from that time, and what has changed?

I am not a friend of saying that everything was better in the past. Every time has its good and bad sides. I always loved to go to the record stores and stock up on the latest music on the spot. Nowadays with the fast digital media, buying vinyl is almost eliminated and you get digital picks.

One of the records that brought me to techno is Speedy J – Pullover.

How’s this and last year been for you, all things considered?

This is a really difficult question especially in a very crazy world especially for us artists. However, I am very grateful and happy for what the year has brought. I could play some great gigs again, have worked on great productions and published. The time after the beginning of 2020 let me grow personally and I was able to reflect myself anew. In the time where I can not play I put myself for social projects. This feels very valuable for me energetically.

Congratulations on the release of your new imprint ‘DCMX’, Can you tell us the story on how this idea was born, and what we can expect to hear from your new record label?

I had the idea to start a new label for a long time. With DCMX I set the focus completely only on me and my own productions that I only release as a single.

My other label Complexed Records was always there to promote many other artists and to offer them a platform.

How would you describe the sound your label wants to showcase, it could be a specific genre?

I don’t want to define myself like that right now my sets are more in the techno raw direction but with the focus on making it work in the club and on the dance floor. It is important for me to show exactly that on the new label.

We heard that the first release on your new label is a single of yours entitled ‘Motion’, can you tell us about the production processes and inspiration behind the track?

I am glad that the feedback is so strong right now. Many big players are spinning it. For me, it was important to stand out from my other stuff and to aim for new sonic aesthetics. It’s no secret that I work with various studios and producers which I also totally love. I focus purely on the production side itself and sketch and arrange my music. The sound refinement and mixing I always give to others, which is not really for me personally. Thus, I am free and quite fast in my way of working and do not have to sit for hours over the mixdown.

For the moment, are there more upcoming releases planned to come out on the label that you can tell us a little about?

Yes the second one Section is already logged in and will come out at the beginning of february. DJ Promo is already out and the collected feedback sounds promising.

There’s any other Drumcomplex releases planned to come out in 2022 you can tell us a little about?

Yes sure there will be a new Drumcomplex & Frank Sonic coming out in february on my homebase label OFF Recordings.

Also it goes on monthly on my DCMX label and I think that I will release there every 6 weeks. Just I am again very active in the studio so be curious about what is coming soon.

Thanks for your time, to close the interview and for curiosity, what music do you listen to besides electronic music? ¿Can you recommend some artists to follow?

As mentioned, I like Rock, Metal and Pop music besides electronic stuff. Actually I listen a lot to Biffy Clyro, Deftones, Sam Fender, Royal Blood etc.

Thanks so much much for having me guys. I wish you all the best.


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