VRØD lands on Signal Rec with a new 4-track EP, ‘Gray Matter’.

Handling as usual with a very powerful techno asset, Signal Rec presents more of its pulsating and oscillating sounds, and sets the tone for Signal’s latest EP presented by VRØD, with his upcoming 4-track EP that has been entitled ‘Gray Matter‘. The new material is due out next month on February 11, 2022 and promises nothing but the proper dark and full-bodied structure techno that anybody must have in their top collection. Stay tuned, find everything you need to know below.

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Madrid based artist reveals his vocation for dynamic, dark and full-bodied structure techno. He uses cycling sequences that are drifting into mantra inducing surroundings.

Daunting cymbals and polyrhythm percussion are a constant reminder that everything could change. A must have!

Artist. VRØD
Title. Gray Matter
Release date. February 11, 2022
CAT#. SGN032


1. Gray Matter (Original Mix)
2. Cuantitative Response (Original Mix)
3. Molecular Reaction (Original Mix)
4. Liquid Collision (Original Mix)

Written & produced by VRØD
Mastered by Drop-E

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