Melchior Productions Ltd has a new album coming on Perlon, ‘Vulnerabilities’.

Taking the sophisticated spin, the good news is that there is on its way a new Melchior Productions Ltd album coming on Perlon on february 18, 2022. The new full-length has been titled ‘Vulnerabilities‘ and comes in a vinyl 3xLP format bringing out 11 original tracks.

Vulnerabilities is the first Melchior Productions Ltd album since 2007’s No Disco Future, which also came out via Perlon. The LP touches on ambient, microhouse, minimal techno, breakbeat and more. Definitely after listening to this piece, we must recommend it to have in anybody’s top music collection, the sounds are great.

One of the tracks on the album, “Closer,” features vocals from JAW and Alina Pash, plus additional production from Dimbiman, AKA Perlon cofounder Zip. Stay tuned. Find full details below.

Pre order Vinyl: Juno, Yoyaku,

Thomas Melchior’s take on minimalist house and techno – wonky and off-kilter, but surprisingly funky, far-sighted and pleasingly atmospheric – is amongst the most accessible and ear-catching around. It’s a sound that works as well on albums as it does on singles and EPs, so it’s somewhat surprising to discover that Vulnerabilities is his first full-length as Melchior Productions since 2007. It’s been worth the wait though, with the veteran producer offering up tracks that combine brilliantly programmed, often off-kilter drums with smooth but druggy basslines, tactile chords, addictive melodic refrains and his usual subtle (and occasional not to subtle) nods towards deep house, dub techno, two-step garage, trippy ambient and the quirky, funk-fuelled eccentricity of Ricardo Villalobos productions.


Artist. Melchior Productions Ltd
Title. Vulnerabilities
Label. Perlon
Release date. February 2022.
Format. 3xLP Vinyl
Cat#. PERLON 130


A1 Catharsis
A2 Asceding To Our Solitude
B1 Depressed Fun Seekers
B2 2 Step King
C1 The Checker
C2 Wats It Mean 2 U
D1 Gimme (Timeless Worlds Of Space)
D2 Mind Diving
E1 Adriana’s Anxieties
F1 Closer
F2 Jingle All The Way

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