Oscean lands on Tresor Records with a 4-track EP, ‘Ideoma’.

Tresor Records starts the new year straight forward with a great techno release by Oscean, a collaboration by Andrés Zacco and Sebastián Galante aka Seph

The two figureheads of Argentina’s techno sound join forces for their debut release titled ‘Ideoma’ due out  January 28, 2022 in Vinyl and digital formats. The new material showcases percussive bends and distorting spirits at its finest, all in a twisted prisms of electronic rhythms very attractive to techno. Definitely this is a must have piece in any top music collection. Stay tuned, full details below.

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Propulsive techno solicitations are abounding on Ideoma, the debut EP from Oscean, a collaboration from Sebastián Galante, also known as Seph, and Andrés Zacco. The two are figureheads of Argentina’s techno sound, with releases on labels such as Insurgentes, Echocord Colour and Illian Tape over the last decade.

Galante and Zacco join forces for the first time with inspiring effects, moving forward with vast paces, unshifting footsteps, with uneven prisms of electronic rhythm. Its direct intent and crisp sonic detail conjure a cinematic and nocturnal drive, unearthing subterranean pulses that leave all in its wake.

With Ideoma, Tresor Records presents a whirlwind of dense movement and cosmic energy that twists on percussive bends and distorting spirits. Spiral recalls natural phe- nomena, bound tight, with a rugged texture like no other, as flickers of sound processing suggest lift-off. The flanging Feral exudes a potent demeanour, wicked and unceasing. The ebbing melodics of Spacion hark back to 90s ambient techno and yet possessing a rhythmic cut and thrust that navigates unchartered terrain. Transmuting beyond planet earth, further into the extra-terrestri- al, Galante and Zacco mask fractal brush- strokes with hurrying rhythms. They smear primitive and sharp sonics, pressed with diz- zying resilience. The nosediving FM synths of Austraal beckon a haunting trip, cloaked in a trance of motion and forever eschewing all prediction.

Artist. Oscean
Title. Ideoma
Label. Tresor
Cat#. TRESOR329
Release date. January 28th, 2022
Format. 12” (180g + T30 Obi Strip), Digital


  1. Spiral
  2. Feral
  3. Spacion 06:44
  4. Austraal

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