Orbe presents his new album, ‘Verdrängung’.

Jeff MIlls‘ label AXIS- The Escape Velocity is proud to present Orbe‘s new album titled ‘Verdrängung‘ due out February 4th, 2022. This record is special as it represents a sound odyssey filled with the most sophisticated sounds to represent human feelings within this world, each track represents something that needs to be listened to. Stay tuned, find full details below.

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Fernando Sanz has been steadfastly dedicated to the craft of beats and breaks since he was a young sprout of 14 years in the sun baked southern Spanish port city of Algeciras. As DJ and producer Orbe keeps the mood surreal and dreamy while deploying understated drum machine patterns to hammer the platonic solids that keep his beloved community intact.

The concept behind this album:

I got inspired while reading George Orwell’s “1984”. A decadent world with a society where all information is manipulated, mass surveillance is practiced, and where the language is transformed for repressive purposes. It is an unreal world but not very far away.

I have captured human feelings within this world in each track … sadness, fear, hope, slavery …

The interpretation of „1984“ includes 8 songs. Each represents a situation within the fictional world.


Label: AXIS- The Escape Velocity
Artist: Orbe
Title: Verdrängung
Format: Album
Release Format: Digital
Release Date: February 4th, 2022
Cat. No. ASD055
Distribution: AXIS Shop
Domain: http://www.axisrecords.com


01. Error Praxis
02. Symphony Of A Life
03. TAPT
04. Verdrängung
05. Thinkpol
06. Epinomis (Axis Rework)
07. Psychokinesis
08. NKVD

Written & producd by Orbe / Album cover designed by Wiktor 997 Klimaszewski.

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