Oxygeno lands on Axis records with a new album, ‘Space Panorama’.

Diego Amido aka Oxygeno is landing on Jeff Mills label Axis Records with a brilliant eight-track album titled ‘Space Panorama‘ due out this friday february 11, 2022. This conceptual LP represents in the form of music different landscapes of space, from deeper to more intense, showcasing sophisticated sounds and spatial textures at its finest. Every one that understands the Axis sound will know it’s not any sound that fits in the label, and this piece fits enormously. We must recommend it, find full details below.

Pre order: Soon at AXIS shop

The concept behind this album:

The universe is full of shapes and colors that are fascinating to the human eye. Even violent phenomena that occur leave a trace of unusual beauty. With this album, as the name suggests, we will try to represent in the form of music different landscapes of space, from deeper to more intense, according to what the human eye would perceive in them. Here is a little description of each track to guide you through the experience.

Rings Of Saturn: the characteristic beauty of this planet is due to its rings. This track is the journey of the thousands of icy particles that form them, orbiting at high speeds.

NGC 1535: this blue nebula, known as Cleopatra’s Eye Nebula, recalls the color and shape of the ancient Egyptian goddess, as well as the secrets yet to be discovered.

Pulsar: with this track we can observe the power of the electromagnetic radiation that forms it, spinning furiously and leaving astonishing colors that induce hypnosis.

Solar Storm: represents the strength of the geomagnetic storm, and in turn, the amazing images such as the dazzling northern lights that can be seen from Earth.

Iron Rainfall: this track represents the chaotic phenomenon that occurs on the exoplanet Wasp-76b, which, due to its high temperature, vaporizes the iron that later falls as rain.

Barred Spiral Galaxy: the hypnotic repetitive rhythm of this song is reminiscent of the spiral arms of this type of galaxy.

Gravitational Collapse: a stellar body can self-destruct due to the effect of its own gravity until it forms a black hole. This track reflects the violence in which a large star collapses in a few seconds.

Strange Orbits: there are some cosmic objects that don’t follow a regular orbit, making variations and forming oval orbits. The synth sound in this song will try to move your mind in this way.

Written and produced by Diego Amido Teijeiro/ Artwork by Nahum Martínez / Mastering by Paul Mac at Hardgroove Mastering.


Label: AXIS- The Escape Velocity
Artist: Oxygeno
Title: Space Panorama
Format: Album
Release Format: Digital
Release Date: February 11th, 2022
Cat. No. ASD056
Distribution: AXIS Shop
Domain: http://www.axisrecords.com


  1. Rings Of Saturn
  2. NGC 1535
  3. Pulsar
  4. Solar Storm
  5. Iron Rainfall
  6. Barred Spiral Galaxy
  7. Gravitional Collapse
  8. Strange Orbits

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