Vel is set to release her new 5-track EP, ‘He Took One Cliché’.

Young Moroccan artist based in Lyon, Vel, revealed that her upcoming EP titled ‘He Took One Cliché‘ will be out next week on February 23rd, 2022 via Because Music‘s Nadsat. The new release brings out 5 very proper tracks ready to smash the hardest dancefloors, in the whole EP the producer showcases alienating music, mixed with frantic, fast rhythms, making each track a full techno journey. We must highly recommend this EP, stay tuned, full details below.

“I explored two themes through this EP: madness and femininity. I wanted to create alienating music, mixed with frantic, fast rhythms. The tracks are made for clubs, but can be listened outside of the dancefloor too. I wanted each track to be a journey.”


Tracks descriptions.

The first one ‘Your Ass Will Follow’ aims to create a disturbing atmosphere through the cold madness of the synthesizers that lead the track.

The second track ‘Psicosis For Sale’ is an ode to the galloping psytrance rhythms, carried by an electric color.

The third track ‘Freed And Delicious’ is a dialogue between female voices and sighs that answer each other without understanding, as in a world created by Wes Anderson.

The track ‘Don‘t Give Her The Mic’ is created around a melancholic background celebrating the female voice and its tenderness.

Finally the last piece ‘Squirmin Like A Toad’ like a tortuous way, explores ambiguous rhythmics and sound textures from another world.

Artist: Vel
Title: He Took One Cliché
Label: Nadsat
Release Date: February 23rd, 2022
Cat. No. ND02
Distribution: The Orchard

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  1. Your Ass Will Follow
  2. Psicosis For Sale
  3. Freed And Delicious
  4. Don‘t Give Her The Mic
  5. Squirmin‘ Like A Toad

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