Selected Mix: Felicie

For today’s Selected Mix, we share a proper and heavy techno Dj set recorded a month ago by Felicie for the Terminal V podcast (Episode 039). Enjoy it.

“An energetic yet groovy experience to keep the crowd locked into a vibe where they all just want to dance”



Dimitar Georgiev – Unreleased
Petduo & Shadym – Not Waiting to be Chosen
San Lopez – Be my Angel
Revm x Vendex – Ghost Rider
Hardtrax & OBI – 90s Culture
Bad Boy Pete x Errot – Art Antifa Resistance Tekno
Jonas Xenon – Lust
Analect (Wast remix) – One Step Further
Sterling Moss – Under no King
San Lopez – Ethereal Soul
The Chronics – Get the Funk
Andreas Kraemer & Jon Connor – Lights in the Dark (Shadym remix)
Rudosa – Dark Places (Don Woezik remix)
Alex TB – Cant get You out of my Head
Wipeouts – Hard, Fast and Stupid
Mayhem Man – Nachtleben
Dave Mol – Sun is Darkening

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