Watch \'Trouw tot in den dood\', a documentary about Amsterdam club Trouw.

Hello friends, I also want to start writing about the culture of clubs and venues that are filled with souls who are looking for inexplicably exciting moments. That feeling is also part of the administration of a club or venue, they have to make it special to remain on the correct path. All of that by the hand of good bookings and the expectation of good artists performances. 

In the search, i found this brilliant 18-minute film, a documentary about Amsterdam club Trouw

Trouw was a temporary Amsterdam based club, restaurant, cultural space and label. A venue full of memories that hang on the best invited artists and best party vibes for years. The journey of this memorable club has ended a few years ago, but you can watch now a documentary that remarks how the history of this club is gold, and also a mirror for those starting clubs that are looking to make history.

It\’s only 18 minutes, Presented by Dutch music channel VPRO 3voor12, the film features footage of the storied venue plus interviews with Olaf Boswijk, Job Jobse and more. Don\’t miss it. 

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