Ableton Loop workshops and conferences returns to Berlin in 2020.

Well folks, it’s time to talk about the technological, intellectual and creative issue that electronic music production entails. For this i want my beloved readers to know what Ableton Loop is, that in general terms, is a summit for Music producers to a new and innovative world of music production tools, a portal to explore what it is to make music today and what it could be tomorrow.

In  a more detailed description, \”Loop is three days of discussions, performances, presentations, studio sessions, installations and interactive workshops aimed at exchanging ideas at the cutting edge of music, technology and creative practice. Bringing together artists, technologists, educators and other creative thinkers.\” At Loop, a diverse range of music makers, thinkers and cultural creatives will gather to collaborate on new ideas, share new techniques, and make new connections.
The last edition of Loop took place in Los Angeles in 2018 and it was a very very top notch event.
Now, Ableton has announced that will host its Loop conference at a new venue in Berlin next year. That\’s right, the summit for Music Makers is already set up and is coming back to Berlin in spring 2020. The event will be running from April 24th through the 26th at Silent Green Kulturquartier. (Previously, Loop took place at Funkhaus.) Go to the official website for full details:
What to do in Loop? \”By day, take part in discussions, participate in hands-on workshops and studio sessions, explore the work of other artists, and share your insights. By night, enjoy inspiring performances and meet like-minded creators from around the world.\”
Scheduled to make an appearance are artists such as Ex-Easter Island Head, Antenes, Colin Self, Deena Abdelwahed, Sotomayor, Eric Pitra, Evelyn Glennie, Joel Holmes & Cody Currie and many more. Fullt Loop\’s lineup will be announced soon.
Ticket registration for the three-day event, which hosts music technology-related talks, performances and workshops, is now open. Click here. 

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