Setaoc Mass presents his new 14-track LP, ‘Horror Vacui’. 

Samuel Coates AKA Setaoc Mass announces his new album ‘Horror Vacui‘ to come out next month via SK_eleven.

This release veers away from the techno of past EPs towards downtempo, experimental, drum & bass and electro-influenced soundscapes. The LP due out May 23rd, 2022 in Vinyl & all digital formats brings out 14 tracks showcasing textures and mixtures of avant garde sounds never heard before. Very recommendable LP. Stay tuned, full details below.

Pre order Vinyl: Bandcamp

“The birth of the album came at a time when I felt like I needed to express my emotions through music…”. “Writing music through emotions is something I always tried to consciously do, as I feel this form of expression is very therapeutic.”

“It’s a great feeling from conception to the finished piece,” he added, “right now I’m very happy with the outcome of Horror Vacui as it feels very personal, something which SK has always been about.”

Setaoc Mass (for Resident Advisor)

Artist. Setaoc Mass
Title. Horror Vacui
Label. SK_eleven
Format. LP (Vinyl, Digital)
Release date. May 23rd, 2022
Cat#. SK11010


  1. Fall Within
  2. Before You Go, Let Me Say One Thing
  3. Midnight Wolf
  4. Here We Stand And Laugh
  5. Marching In March
  6. The Uncontrollable Mind
  7. Beyond The Moon
  8. T Minusminus
  9. Bears Eating Salmon
  10. It’s Never To Late, Or Is It?
  11. TT_123ghdh
  12. Blue Blood
  13. Witness
  14. Pain

Written and Produced by Samuel Coates @ Mass HQ, Berlin
Mastered by Joel Kroezer @ Sixbitdeep, Copenhagen
Cut by Analogcut, Berlin
Artwork and layout by Leiras Santos
Distributed by Triple Vision, NL

Cover photo: Setaoc Mass (35mm by Paul Krause)

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