Tommy Four Seven announces six upcoming EPs to be released this year on his renovated ’47 imprint’.  

London born, Berlin-based Tommy Four Seven announced a new visual and musical direction for his imprint 47, with a focus on up-and-coming artists.

The new label image will bring out six EPs that are going to be released in 2022, starting with 47028 by Samurai Music artist Torn on May 20th. Next up are EPs by OAKE in June, Quelza in July, Scalameriya in September, Flaminia & VSK in October and Flaminia (solo) in November. These upcoming releases are definitely worth keeping track of. Full details below.

Pre order: Soon at Bandcamp

“After five years of running 47, I felt it was time to evolve and change things up to maintain my inspiration and for hopefully others too… This involved re-designing the aesthetic. Personally I feel the label’s sound continues to challenge techno’s status quo, with newer acts such as Torn, Quelza and Flaminia bringing another dynamic.”

Tommy Four Seven told RA.

Listen below to the track “Tantrum”, the opening track from Torn’s EP.

Torn – 47028
Release date. May 20th, 2022
Label. 47


  1. Tantrum
  2. Grief
  3. Ferrum Wood

Oake – 47029
Release date. June, 2022
Label. 47


  1. Paysage Dépaysé
  2. Paysage Dépaysé [Killawatt Remix]
  3. Paysage Dépaysé [Lemna Remix]
  4. Paysage Dépaysé [Quelza Remix]

Quelza – 47030
Release date. July, 2022
Label. 47


  1. La Gloria
  2. Obliteron
  3. Valkarr
  4. Infold
  5. Nectar

Scalameriya – 47031
Release date. September, 2022
Label. 47


  1. Farewell Refrain
  2. Nervstinger
  3. Rokbokx
  4. Xlog.No.153

Flaminia & VSK – 47032
Release date. October, 2022
Label. 47


  1. Elysian
  2. Carpe Noctem
  3. Tenebra

Flaminia – 47033
Release date. November, 2022
Label. 47


  1. Pure
  2. Burn Loudly
  3. Back to Zero
  4. Dissolved

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