Modularz is back with a stellar release of pulsating techno, the ‘Nuit blanche EP’ By Paul Ritch

Well, this is definitely an stellar post, its dedicated once again in this blog, to one of the labels that recently has been launching good batches of incredible techno music. Let\’s talk about the latest release on Modularz Records, the label based in the United States, runed by the techno legend “Developer” and friends.

Modularz is a label that knows pretty well their music appetite, and has been promoting their unique and very own style of techno music for more than 10 years. Basically, if you have a good taste on techno music, not the regular, you will recognize that the Modularz sound it\’s a special one, prove of that, is their next release, the “Nuit blanche EP“, a 5-track EP delivered by the French native dj and producer Paul Ritch, what a bomb right.
This EP showcases those rhythmic bouncing basslines and deep riding kick drums we all know and love, complemented with a mental madness background created in a good deep and dark techno atmosphere of rhythms. Listen below to the upcoming music and stay tuned becase this release is set to be out on September 27th, 2019 in vinyl and digital format.
Listen to Modularz 44 // Nuit blanche EP // By Paul Ritch on Soundcloud.

Overview. Modularz is back once again with a stellar release, this time from gargantuan producer Paul Ritch. The French native is here to deliver five tracks of pulsating techno, breed for the club and another project that adheres to the flagship. The Modularz sound has become so distinct, and this EP showcases those rhythmic bouncing basslines and deep riding kick drums.
Nuit Blanche is five tracks (one being a bonus track) of punchy dancefloor driving kick drums that are coupled with eccentric modulations and synths. Expect underground crevice hidden chords, deep textured and dripping sounds. Some cuts deliver sci-fi alien beeps and stabs that would make any martian jealous. The hi-hats are icy and the snares hype inducing: no matter the pace each cut is a weapon.
Nuit Blanche is out at the end of September, both on vinyl and digitally under the Modularz imprint.

Cover Artwork.
Label: Modularz
Artist: Paul Ritch
Title: Nuit Blanche EP
Format: Vinyl and Digital
Cat.Number: MODULARZ44
Release Date: September 27th, 2019
Distribution: Complete
01. Nuit Blanche
02. Insomnie
03. Revelation
04. Rixe
05. Sirene (Digital Bonus)

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