Oliver Rosemann & Alexander Kowalski worked together in a new EP, ‘Season Two’.

Recorded Things is back with another thrilling release, this time by Oliver Rosemann & Alexander Kowalski that presents a new collaborative EP titled ‘Season Two‘. The new material has arrived on 12” Vinyl and in all digital formats, and will be available next month on June 10th, 2022. Definitely something that is worth listening to. Full details below.

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It’s been a while. After a successful first Season One in 2021- Oliver Rosemann returns with a collaboration for Season Two. No one less than Alexander Kowalski himself teams up for a promising cooperation.

Oliver and Alexander worked together by sending track ideas, loops and arrangements back and forth. Each one develops their own ideas, then brings them together in a perfect balance for mental dance floor tools. Both artists are well known for their outstanding sound design and mixing skills. Get carried away by pounding drums and razor sharp hi-hat patterns. Intense synth workouts, nebulous atmospheres and well-chosen floating percussion parts are designed to melt the boundaries between modern sci-fi sounds and 90s techno vibes.

This release is an absolute weapon and meant to create a higher state of tension and high voltage energy on any techno dance floor.

Artist: Oliver Rosemann & Alexander Kowalski
Title: Season Two
Label: Recorded Things
Release Formats: Digital & Vinyl
Release Date Vinyl: May 20th, 2022
Release Date Digital: June 10th, 2022
Cat. No. RECT005
Distribution: Word And Sound
Domain: http://www.recordedthings.com


  1. Stinger (Vinyl / Digital)
  2. Pressure (Vinyl / Digital)
  3. Stealth (Vinyl / Digital)
    04.Candyflip (Vinyl / Digital)
  4. Lucid Mind (Digital)
  5. Wasps Attack When Drunk (Digital)
  6. Most Monkeys Live In Trees (Digital)
  7. Muzzle Blast (Digital)

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