Marcel Dettmann label BAD MANNERS presents releases from Anthony \'Shake\' Shakir, Morphosis, Exterminador & first showcase at ADE.

Hello techno folks, one of our favorites has something new to share to the world, the thing is that the Ostgut Ton selector & producer Marcel Dettmann (known for compiling and mixing influential compilation albums such as !K7’s DJ Kicks, Dekmantel\’s Selectors, Berghain mix, fabric mix, as well as remixing innovative artists like Junior Boys, Fever Ray, Clark, Mount Kimbie or Moderat,...) will launch a new label called BAD MANNERS in September and the full details for the the first two releases as well as the first label showcase at ADE 2019 are complete and set up, so keep reading below. 

With this new imprint Dettmann offers to artists close to him an undefined space for expression while encouraging unpredictability in format and sound. Bypassing genre limitations and techno cliches, BAD MANNERS will host different artists that Marcel met throughout his decades-spanning career, reflecting both personal relationships as well as shared values and a clear focus on music.

BAD MANNERS launches with an EP by Berlin-based producer Exterminador that will be released on vinyl and digital formats in mid September while the second release will feature remixes of Dettmann’s productions by Detroit legend Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir and multidisciplinary artist Rabih Beaini aka Morphosis who runs the label and events Morphine, out in early October. Read below for full details.

The label is celebrating a first 20-hour showcase on October 18th at Amsterdam’s Shelter during ADE with the likes of DJ Stingray, Discwoman’s Umfang, Miss Kittin, live sets by Luke Slater as Planetary Assault Systems and Vril, BM\’s first affiliated Exterminador and Dettmann himself, to name a few.  Here is the ticket link if you want more info: 

Upcoming releases.

Cover Artwork.

Overview. Exterminador is the production and DJ alter ego of Berlin-based music educator and vinyl aficionado Mario Resta. As like-minded musicians both him and Marcel Dettmann share a profound passion for electronic music with soul and attitude, for techno and its many-faceted derivatives. Both producers befriended each other years ago, providing the basis for musical dialogue and exchange. This path led to Exterminador providing the inaugural release on Dettmann\’s new platform BAD MANNERS, in form of four versatile cuts for both peak- and downtime.  “Bleeding From Inside” opens the A-side of BAD MANNERS 2 with a fast-paced, cool and hardhitting electro funk meditation. Afterwards “You Are Not I” features an irresistible bassline atop a boomy kick alongside alluring vocals and hi-hat. B1 sees a stark change in pace and style: “Pericos” is a deep, melodic and bleep-focussed techno tool with occasional fireworks-reminiscent flares. “Scattered Remains” closes this EP with a second track with funk- and even more wave/ebm-leaning rhythm, featuring radio vox to dramatic effect.  BAD MANNERS is the new platform and label by DJ and musician Marcel Dettmann, offering artists close to him an undefined space for expression while encouraging unpredictability in format and sound.

Artist. Exterminador 
Format: 12” / Digital 
Cat. No: BM2 
Release Date: Mid September  

A1. Bleeding From Inside 
A2. You Are Not I 
B1. Pericos 
B2. Scattered Remains

Cover Artwork.

Overview. BAD MANNERS 3 offers two club-enabled reworks of classic Marcel Dettmann material by legends Anthony \’Shake\’ Shakir and Morphosis. Both remixes have been previously unreleased and date back many years. Recently resurfaced, the approach of each of the two techno innovators shows how music can survive time: sounding fresh and still way ahead of the curve.  The 12\” starts with motor city\’s very own Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir. Knowing each other since the late 1990s and having shared decks many times, this Detroit-Berlin axis is manifested with the pioneering producer and DJ’s remix of “Eruq”. Here, Shake offers a both playful and fierce take on Dettmann\’s unreleased original, turning it in a multi-layered gem of his that\’s guaranteed to turn heads in sets.   “Works” on B features a deep, groovy 10-minute percussion and synth modulation study by interdisciplinary artist and Berlin-based producer Rabih Beaini aka Morphosis – now rhythmically compelling, then further expanding and stylistically free-floating.  BAD MANNERS is the new platform and label by DJ and musician Marcel Dettmann, offering artists close to him an undefined space for expression while encouraging unpredictability in format and sound. 

Artist. Marcel Dettmann, Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, Morphosis 
Format: 12” / Digital 
Cat. No: BM3 
Release Date: Beginning of October  
A. Marcel Dettmann – Eruq (Anthony \’Shake\’ Shakir Remix) 
B. Marcel Dettmann – Works (Morphosis 2013 Rework)


Other Credits.

All tracks written & produced by Mario Resta. Cat. No. BM2 – All rights reserved. ℗ & © BAD MANNERS 2019 

All tracks written & produced by Marcel Dettmann A remixed by Anthony Shakir B remixed by Rabih Beaini  Cat. No. BM3 – All rights reserved. ℗ & © BAD MANNERS 2019

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