Jeff Mills has announced ‘Sight, Sound And Space’, his new compilation for Axis Records.

It was not a long time ago since we published something about Jeff Mills, an iconic legend in the entire electronic music scene. It was only a few weeks ago that we talked about his recent album released, Moon – The Area Of Influence, a total gem. 

Now Jeff Mills is back in the news because today all the details of his new compilation that will be published next October through his own Axis Records label have been known. 
The new compilation has been entitled ‘Sight, Sound And Space’, and basically this is a multi-format project containing three CDs and a 50-page booklet. It uses material from Mills’ extensive catalog, such as tracks from 2015’s Woman In The Moon and 2006\’s One Man Spaceship, to express his “deep-seated thoughts” on the concepts that fascinate him most: sight, sound and space. 
The first disc, entitled Sight, is comprised of music created for films or moving images. CD2, Sound, is a compilation of tracks “that have a unique and specific type of sound to them.\” Third is Space, which compiles pieces related to outer space, space travel and celestial life. There is also a booklet, called And, where Mills provides commentary and explanations for each of his selections. Stay tuned for more information. 
Cover Artwork. 
CD 1
Title: Sight
A compilation of selected tracks that refer to compositions created for films, moving images or inspired watching something. 
01. Perfecture – taken from “Metropolis” CD
02. Deckard – taken from “Blade Runner” EP
03. Le Mer Et C’est Un Caractere – taken from “Sequence” CD
04. Homing Device – taken from “2087” CD album
05. The Never Ending Study – taken from “Etudes Sur Paris” album
06. The Drive Home – taken from “Woman In The Moon”
07. Parallelism In Fate – taken from “And Then There Was Light” film soundtrack
08. Devices taken from “At First Sight “ CD
09. Transformation B (Rotwang’s Revenge) – taken from “Metropolis” CD album
10. Sleepy Time – taken from “Trip To The Moon” CD album
11. Multi-Dimensional – taken from “Man From Tomorrow” film soundtrack
12. Descending Eiffel Stairs – taken from “The Crazy Ray” film soundtrack
CD 2
Title: Sound
A compilation of selected tracks that have a unique and specific type of sound to them. 
01. The Hunter – taken from “Free Fall Galaxy” Album.
02. The Bells
03. 4Art
04. The 25th Hour – unreleased
05. Growth
06. Spiral Galaxy
07. Microbe – taken from “The Power” CD
08. Jade – taken from “Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 2”
09. Where The Shadows Have Motives – taken from the Rembrandt Experience soundtrack.
10. Flying Machines – taken from “Sequence” CD compilation
11. Compression-Release – taken from “Emerging Crystal Universe”
12. Into The Body – taken from “Fantastic Voyage” Soundtrack
13. The Resolution – taken from “Actual” 12” EP (2)
14. Spiral Therapy – taken from “The Power” CD
Title: And 
This epic compilation contains a large booklet of 50 pages in which Jeff Mills wrote his own commentaries and stories behind each tracks he carefully selected.
CD 3
Title: Space
A compilation of selected tracks that are related to Outer or Inner Space, Space Travel and or any celestial body or life form or entity. 
01. Introduction – Phase 1-3 taken from “Fantastic Voyage” soundtrack
02. Mercury (Residue Mix) – Unreleased – taken from “Planets” CD
03. Unreleased002
04. Unreleased003
05. The Industry Of Dreams – taken from “The Messenger” CD
06. Stabilizing The Spin – taken from “Moon: The Area Of Influence” CD
07. G-Star
08. Planet X – taken from “Lost In Space” 12” EP
09. The Worker’s Party – taken from Gamma Player Compilation “Niteroi’ collaboration project
10. Daphnis (Keeler’s Gap) – taken from “X-102 Re-discovers The Rings Of Saturn”
11. Outer Space – Unreleased
12. Unreleased005
13. Self-Portrait taken from “One Man Spaceship” CD
14. Aitken Basin – taken from “The Messenger” CD
15. Deadly Rays (Of A Hot White Sun) – taken from “Where Light Ends” CD
16. Medians – taken from “Free Fall Galaxy” album.

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