High impact techno in Thomas Hoffknecht upcoming ‘Deep Blue’ EP on Korpus 9 records.

If you like techno, follow this upcoming release, because Korpus 9 made it again and had managed to set the release of an EP from German techno powerhouse Thomas Hoffknecht. The new EP has been entitled Deep Blue, which stays true to the label’s reoccurring visualization that stems from an abandoned research station that is deep underwater.

Hoffknecht, who has been very busy since the release of his debut album Open your Eyes and dropped two successful EP’s in 2019 High Voltage and Pushing Problems, continues to curate a theme with each of his releases.
This EP includes three original mixes by Thomas Hoffknecht and a remix by Felix Kröcher. The tracks relay a sense of mystery and unease that can be found in one of the last frontiers on our planet: the ocean floor. A place where light does not dare to venture. A place that rejects human life while at the same time, creates a space for unknowable things to thrive.
‘Deep Blue’ is set to release on August 23rd on Korpus 9 records. Listen below to Hoffknecht music, and follow their work as well.

Overview. German artist Thomas Hoffknecht returns with more of his high impact techno sounds on the Korpus 9 label. His three originals feature a remix from Felix Kröcher and come after he has established his own unique sound on labels like Second State, OFF and more.Opener Deep Blue is a driving number with heavy, hypnotic drums and a mind melting lead synth line that takes you down the rabbit hole next to thunderous claps. Diverbot is another fantastically driving cut with rubbery drums that get you in a trance and a synth hook that loops over and over until you‘re hooked. The remix from Felix Kröcher is laced up with acid lines and coarse hits that will blow up any big room club and last of all, Walking Waves is an edgy track with huge hi hats, rumbling drums and the sort of suspensory synths that keep you marching all night long. Once again here Korpus 9 comes correct with a vital new EP.

Cover Artwork.
Label: Korpus 9
Artist: Thomas Hoffknecht
Remixer: Felix Krocher
Title: Deep Blue
Format: Digital & Vinyl
Cat.Number: K9005
Release Date: Aug 16th (Vinyl), Aug 23rd (Beatport), Sept 6th (All)
Distribution Vinyl: Label Worx, A Capella Music LLC
01. Deep Blue (Original Mix)
02. Walking Waves (Original Mix)
03. Diverbot (Original Mix)
04. Diverbot (Felix Krocher Remix)
Thomas Hoffknecht
Korpus 9

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