Gotshell arrives at Axis – The Escape Velocity with a fresh 5-track EP, ‘Storange’.

Colombian Cristian Alexander Soto Lopez aka Gotshell, a producer we have been seriously following lately, just arrived at Jeff Mills‘ label Axis – The Escape Velocity. His good work is definitely paying off, and now he is presenting his new material, of course with his brand of spatial techno sound, to one of the most legendary labels that exist, so don’t hesitate and catch up with his new five-track EP titled ‘Storange‘ due out September 30, 2022. Highly recommended stuff.

Pre order: soon at Axis Shop

The concept behind this EP.

Sound helps to understand the universe and how to store information. Pythagoras and his followers thought that there are “numerical relationships between the orbits of the planets or between other things of nature” and that the stars would move with the so-called “harmony of the spheres”. An idea that inspired astronomers during centuries. On the other hand, they mathematized and gave rise to Western music theory, which was taught alongside astronomy and mathematics, building a bridge between art and science.

From here the special interest of Westerner Cristian Alexander Soto Lopez aka Gotshell emerged. He tried to understand mathematics a little more and developed a personal taste, both in school and in his brief time at university, where he learned that a simple number can act in synchrony as even numbers do and totally randomly. Starting in 2010, Gotshell made his first creations after 5 years of experimenting. He knew the relationship between mathematics, sound and the universe which lead him into the production of his EP „Physics“ on Nachtstrom which showed an emulation strident of what could be the future sound of universe. He brought his spatial sound based on mathematics and arithmetic also to important labels like Planet Rhythm, Blueprint, BPitch, MORD, Synewave. With this new contribution he hopes to collect more information so that he can take himself into space one day, and perhaps be heard by a non-human species.

“This is my musical vision, my life with mathematics and wire sounds to escape the velocity.”

Label: AXIS – The Escape Velocity
Artist: Gotshell
Title: Storange
Format: EP
Release Format: Digital
Release Date: September 30th, 2022
Cat. No. ASD061
Distribution: AXIS


  1. Storange I
  2. Storange II
  3. Storange X
  4. Storange XI
  5. Storange VII

Written and produced by Gotshell/Mastered by Gtshll Masterings/Artwork by A.30 & Iskusstvo

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