LT_26 – Kelvin Belton

Episode number twenty-six of our podcast is out now, for this chapter let us introduce you to Kelvin Belton.

Bristol’s Kelvin Belton who is based in Stuttgart is no stranger to the underground music scene.

His residencies with some of South Germanys most successful nights. Behind the decks, is the combination between Techno with the focus on heavy bass lines and experimental soundscapes offer something for the dedicated move sound lovers this technical proficiency is ever more evident in the studio, with his use of complex percussion and raw melodic sounds stamping the trademark on his productions.

The studio live experience is the only real way to get a vision on just how much music Kelvin Belton makes.

Even a space as short a time can be a completely new collection of tracks, loops, skits and grooves, mercilessly wielded and propelled at the crowd to inspire people who never knew they had inside themselves.
Far from the dry, uninspiring automation of so many tracks and live sets shudder and shake with the vitality of human control, no more apparent than in his razor-sharp drum pads. With the surface barely scratched on what Kelvin Belton ever active mind can conjure up, from the absurd and grotesque to the elegiac and beautiful, one can only advise you keep the name locked, your mind open and your ears ready to follow.


Kelvin Belton – Der Interstellarer Raum (Original Mix) Unreleased
Developer – All for Nothing and That’s Ok (Original Mix) Modularz
Henrik B – Untitled B1 (Original Mix) Illgorhythm Recordings
1818 – Primal Instincts (Original Mix) 1818
Jannik Aßfalg – Diff (Original Mix) Free download
Lars Klein – Come Closer (Original Mix) Temper Music
Kashpitzky – Forgot Your Name (Original Mix) – Out Of Place Recordings
Sera J – Butterflies (Original Mix) Out Of Place Recordings
Kelvin Belton – Dub That Chord (Original Mix) Made of Concrete
Glimm – 77 (Original Mix) Entourage Concept
D.Dan – Sudan Sedan (Original Mix) Lobster Theremin
Exium – Taken by Force (Original Mix) Nheoma Records
Jacobworld – 90 Degrees (Juan Sanchez Remix) Format Records
Kelvin Belton – Movement (Original Mix) Made of CONCRETE
TWR72 – Coco (Original Mix) Hayes
Fergus Sweetland & Casual Treatment – Dorian Moods (Original Mix) Arketip Discs
Arthur Robert – Wither (Original Mix) Knowledge Imprint
Kaan Pirecioglu – Haphazard (Original Mix) Methodical
Rødhad & Fadi Mohem – 210409.1 (Original Mix) WSNWG
Thomas Hessler – Questions Remain (Original Mix) Blocaus

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