Caterina Barbieri focus on machines and minimalism in her new album ‘Ecstatic Computation’

Discovering new concepts and sounds it’s what we do, especially. Today I bring you something very original and of course brilliant. The italian composer Caterina Barbieri announces this may will be full of electronic vibes, as she is releasing a new Vinyl LP via Editions Mego Records.

Entitled “Ecstatic Computation” the next release features 6 new themes related to machine intelligence and object-oriented perception in sound through a focus on minimalism. A whole sonorus experience that includes everything, magical vocals, deep bass, complex rhythms and a very peculiar track structures.
Listen to Caterina Barbieri ‘Fantas’ (EMEGO 259) on soundcloud: 

Overview. Caterina Barbieri is an Italian composer who explores themes related to machine intelligence and object-oriented perception in sound through a focus on minimalism.
Following 2017’s acclaimed 2LP “Patterns of Consciousness”, “Ecstatic Computation” is the new full-length LP by Caterina Barbieri. The album revolves around the creative use of complex sequencing techniques and pattern-based operations to explore the artefacts of human perception and memory processes by ultimately inducing a sense of ecstasy and contemplation. Computation is turned from being a formal, automatic writing technique into a creative, psychedelic practice to generate temporal hallucinations. A state of trance and wonder where the perception of time is distorted and challenged.
Equally nervous and ecstatic, the fast permutation of patterns can create a state where time stands still whilst simultaneously being in motion. Is this propulsive music moving forward or backwards? As long as the perception of the present is constantly enhanced and refreshed in an endless sense of loss, re-discovery and the search for self-orientation this question lies mute aside the thrilling and perplexing moment of the matter at hand.

Cover Artwork.


Artist: Caterina Barbieri

Title: Ecstatic Computation
Cat. No.: EMEGO 259
Formats: LP
Barcodes: 5050580711303
Release date: May 3rd, 2019

1. Fantas
2. Spine of Desire
3. Closest approach to your Orbit
4. Arrows of Time
5. Pinnacles of you
6. Bow of Perception



Music composed and produced by Caterina Barbieri. Vocals in track 4 are performed by Annie Gårlid and Evelyn Saylor and recorded by Stefano Tucci at Failsafe Studio. Mastered by Rashad Becker at D&M. Artwork by Ruben Spini

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