Selected Mix: Luisergico

For today’s Selected Mix, we share this psychedelic high energy mix made by Luisergico (aka Luis Mendizabal). Enjoy the trip.


  1. Pink Floyd  – Breathe in the air ノ Vocals only
  2. Beat Bizarre – Hallugrabber (2021 Remaster)
  3. Neurolabz – NeoHUman (Original Mix)
  4. Muirakitan – O Livro de Cura (Original Mix)
  5. Biohacker – Isolation Threatment (Original Mix)
  6. Hasch – Inglan Jit (That is Missy) (Original Mix)
  7. N3xu5 – From Another Planet (N3xu5 Remix)
  8. Cosinus – A Chaotic Mind (Original Mix)
  9. Once Upon A Time – Inspell (Original Mix)
  10. Biohacker – Accidental Bonding Agent (Original Mix)
  11. Komfuzius – Proud Marijuana Addict (Original Mix)
  12. Ozymandias – Tremilique Trilegal (Original Mix)
  13. Tirial – Where Is My Mind (Original Mix)

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