Vochlea Music new technology called Dubler Kit Studio uses your voice in a real-time vocal recognition MIDI controller.

Have you ever thought about the infinite number of loops or sounds that your voice is capable of creating, even in certain occasions you can imagine certain sounds and develop them physically with the sound that you can create with your vocals, this is amazing, and that is why this has been used and has done wonders in so many tracks.

Well, a new technology created by Vochlea Music called Dubler Kit Studio basically take your musical ideas into reality, using the one instrument you’ve been practising since birth, the voice, all this through a MIDI controller. It really seems like a good kit right, many people believe it, the project was funded in 46 minutes on Kickstarter today, hell yes, it has passed its fundraising goal, si we will see the Dubler Kit Studio.
Dubler Studio Kit is a real-time vocal recognition MIDI controller. It offers up a never seen before way to translate your musical ideas into reality, using the one instrument you’ve been practising since birth— the voice. With Dubler Studio Kit you can hum a melody or synth pattern, beatbox to trigger a virtual drumkit, or manipulate effects and filters with a “hmmm”, “laaaa” or “oohhh” sound— all in real-time. The goal is \”To help you to release the stems of musical ideas trapped inside your head and get them directly into your production software— simply by vocalising them. Now anyone can turn their voice directly into MIDI— quickly, easily, intuitively and LIVE.\”
You want it? Kickstarter orders are scheduled to begin shipping in late summer with all being fulfilled by October. Early bird offers are available from £175 with an expected retail price of £300. Follow the link for full details: Kickstarter.
Overview. The kit offers up an intuitive, never seen before method for musicians to translate their musical ideas into reality, using the one instrument they’ve been practising since birth— the voice.
From amateur to pro, the most natural way for a musician to communicate an idea for a sound, melody or beat is using the voice— our built-in tool for audio expression. Artists all sing, hum and record voice memos of musical ideas, but that’s often where the idea ends, never actually making it into the studio or onto the stage.
Capturing those ideas using traditional instrumentation and MIDI inputs can be challenging and requires know-how, even for the most accomplished musician. Vochlea Music’s vocal recognition AI technology unlocks the power of the voice, allowing musicians to create music and control sounds, quicker and more and intuitively than ever before.
The Dubler Studio Kit allows artists to release the stems of musical ideas trapped in their heads and get them straight into their production software [DAW], by simply using their voice.
Today, the Dubler Studio Kit launches as a Kickstarter project, looking to raise £40,000 over 35 days. During the campaign, backers will have the opportunity to pledge to be amongst the first Dubler Studio Kit users.
Kickstarter backers will receive fulfilment priority when the kits are delivered in mid-2019.

Compatible with any DAW (Ableton/Logic/Reason/FL Studio/ProTools/GarageBand etc).
Learns your voice in less than 60 seconds.
Allows you to use your voice as a live MIDI controller.
Live pitch tracking for synth control.
Accurately select between, and trigger, up to 8 samples using your voice.
Sustain sounds, samples and notes vocally.
Responsive to changes in velocity — takes all the information from exactly how you make a sound.
Simultaneously talks to multiple MIDI channels— enabling sample triggering and synth control at the same time.
Control up to 4 CC [MIDI mapping] values based on the way you make a sound. Then easily map to anything from synth selection, effects controls, synth blending, filters and more.
Additional control of Pitch Bend and Envelope Following.
Works with non-vocal sounds too  — clap a beat or mic up an instrument.
Can be used to control effects and filters on other MIDI devices and instruments.
Low latency [10-12ms] enabling real-time, live control.


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