Episode number thirty-five of our podcast is out now, for this chapter let us introduce you to RIP BUNNY from Ukraine.

Bunny Mast (rip bunny) is an easy going producer and DJ currently residing in Kyiv, Ukraine. He dreams of being able to perform and DJ music of all genres while building a home studio and record label with his partner Khimka and their kitten Lucky.

Bunny prides himself in having a taste and library for any genre, but attributes his fascination of electronic music to his discovery of trance and breakbeat at the age of 10. The latter led him to experiment with scratching his Alice Cooper vinyl in an attempt to imitate the likes of DJ Krush. This led to even more wacky experiments such as groove box alarm clocks and hip-hop freestyles during poetry class. Though Bunny experimented with music at a young age it wasn’t until later in life that he would be able to fully realize his dream of being a musician.

Before his music career, Bunny had a career in the visual arts and cinematography. He pursued this career for 7 years while living in NYC. Shortly after, in 2020 he purchased cdjs, technics, a xone 92, and two pieces of production hardware. Quickly, he found himself back in the mind of his 10 year old self who had been inspired by trance and breakbeat so many years ago. He got to work, practicing and honing his skills and then he moved to Kyiv. In Kyiv, Bunny met Khimka, they found Lucky and now they are working diligently to achieve their goals.

Bunny’s current musical achievements include his production work for his project with Khimka called “хто вони”, his guest mixes for Gasoline Radio, and his performances at small local parties. With several years of seasoned experience as a visual artist and a new budding career as a musician, “rip bunny” is certain to surprise you as he mixes his past life with his new one.

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