Tom Hades delivers some of his gargantuan techno lexicon in his upcoming Acrab EP via Korpus 9.

This one goes for the techno heads! in my particular case i have been following Tom Hades since i start enjoying techno music a long time ago. Good news because he is back, this time under the Russian imprint Korpus 9, who have had releases from Dubspeeka and Robert S (PT) recently. 

The DJ/producer has a gargantuan techno lexicon and is adding to it with this beat bashing EP Acrab. By definition Acrab is the star on the Head of the Scorpion and meaning, \’the Tree of the Garden of Light \’, \”placed in the midst of the abyss.\” Truly fitting as although there is fluttering brouhaha within the percussions, a sensitive melody shines through these tracks.
The Belgian is one of the locomotives in the techno scene, having released on some of the biggest labels such as Drumcode and Sleaze Records. This 4 track EP delivers that sound that is synonymous with the artist, heavy basslines coupled with catchy melodies. The EP title track comes in with an ominous synth and followed with closed hi hats. It lays a slick bassline that is immersed with ever fluctuating elements that scatter. Although the percussions are chaotic, the synths are clear and rhythmic.
Acrab EP is due for vinyl release March 29th and digitally April 4th.
Previews soon…
Overview. Korpus 9 return with another powerful EP, this time from Tom Hades. The Belgium based artist is a driving force in the scene and has elapsed on all the biggest labels from ELEVATE to Drumcode.
Here he kicks off with Acrab, a blistering number with deft synths and floating drums that really get you in a trance. Biham then gets more intense, with layer upon layer of icy synth and bright lights emitting from the pads in the background. Chara then shows off busy drum work, with organic hits and suspense filled grooves that take you on a real adventure, then Dubhe hits you over the head with more blistering drums and warm bass. It\’s a fantastic way to close an essential EP.
Cover Artwork.

Label. Korpus 9

Artist. Tom Hades
Title. Acrab EP
Format. Digital & Vinyl
Cat.Number. K9004
Release Date. Apr. 5th (Beatport), Apr. 19th (Digital), Mar. 29th (Vinyl) 2019
Distribution. Label Worx (Digital), Prime Direct (Vinyl)

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