Alex Dolby presents a new album, ‘Fault System’.

Without doubt Alex Dolby‘s music represent in a certain way a powerful techno sound statement of intent from a veteran producer that wishes to make a mark with another accomplished selection after being active in the scene for a lot of time already.

You can truly appreciate that, listening to the forthcoming Alex Dolby\’s new techno album entitled ‘Fault System‘. The release is scheduled for Friday 21 December 2018 via Affekt Recordings.
Listen to Alex Dolby\’s full Fault System (Album) snippets on soundcloud  (AFK043):
After listening to a bit of the album, or rather after listening to the whole album, I can really say that it is a jewel of electronic music, fine, industrial, fast and slow sounds, all within a range of dark techno sound. From a sparse sound to a up-tempo Detroit bang, from a a raw and broken beat to a complete driving techno deep rhythm, this is Alex Dolby\’s new album.
Overview. Afekt Recordings has its base in Frosinone, Italy and has been ran by Alex Dolby since 2012 culminating a passion for raw, hypnotic techno. The label\’s back catalogue of music has seen artists such as Pär Grindvik, Alex Bau, Mental Resonance, VSK, and MTD make contributions.
The latest release compiles fresh works from label head Alex Dolby himself for his fourth artist album entitled \”Fault System\” having released music on labels outside of his own like Emmanuel\’s ARTS, DJ Emerson\’s Micro.fon as well as Shinedoe and 2000 and One\’s Intacto imprint, his educated sound is much loved around the world.
A love for analogue sounds, rough textures, and tough rhythms play a huge part in the album\’s dystopian aesthetic that is as functional for club weaponry as it is a collection of abstract cuts for electronic music lovers.
Easing in gently with \”Intro Signal\” Alex experiments with a sparse sound design element before moving into the up-tempo Detroit influenced drones of \”The Day After\”. Following this things heat up with \”Standard Process\” being a manic monster, and \”Modern Pascal\” introduces a style switch up to a two step beat. Title track \”Fault System\” is a throbbing sonic trip and \”The Afghan Express\” is a blistering techno ride.
\”Wild Yard (Reprise Mix)\” sees a special release of a new edit that was originally supported by Ben Klock. The eighth track \”Lunatic Boost\” pushes a raw and broken beat, whilst \”Chord Memories\” injects vibrant energy once again, then closes proceedings is the jazzy style break of \”Outro Signal\”.
This album is a powerful statement of intent from a veteran producer that wishes to make a mark with another accomplished selection after being active in the scene for over 15 years.
Cover Artwork.

Label: Affekt Recordings
Artist: Alex Dolby
Title: Fault System
Release Date: Friday 21 December 2018
Format: Digital
CAT#: AFK043


01. Intro Signal
02. The Day After
03. Standard Process
04. Modern Pascal
05. Fault System
06. The Afghan Express
07. Wild Yard (Reprise Mix)
08. Lunatic Boost
09. Chord Memories
10. Outro Signal

Techno music at its finest at Alex Dolby´s new album \’Fault System\’

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