Korpus 9 label welcomes Scottish techno talent Hans Bouffmyhre for a new EP.

Keeping the loop on the underground scene, this time i’m talking about the Scottish techno talent Hans Bouffmyhre and his forthcoming EP.

Having released music on some of the world’s most esteemed techno labels now he\’s back with a really heavy striking techno music record, featuring 4 tremendous new tracks that this month will be released on Techno record label Korpus 9. 
What is definitely true is that this EP is a variation of dark sounds and breaking techno. The release is a marvel talking about techno production, mostly because after listening to it, i must say that along the 4 new tracks you can appreciate a lot of basic characteristics of a good electronic track and of course more. The EP has been entitled ‘Resonator‘ and will be out on Nov 23rd (Vinyl), Dec 14th (Digital) 2018 via Korpus 9 Records.
Overview: The Korpus 9 label welcomes Scottish techno talent Hans Bouffmyhre for a new EP. It comes after he has established himself on the world scene on labels like Soma and Perc Trax and gigs at the best clubs around the globe. Now with these four latest cuts he once again shows off his unique, powerful style.
Opener Unconditional is a deep, driving track with firmly rooted drums and burrowing synth lines that get you in a state of hypnosis before the acidic stabs takes things up a notch. Resonator is another perfectly planned bit of tunnel vision techno that is forceful and linear, racing forwards on bulky drums with subtle synths peeling off the groove.
Growth Chart then follows a similar path but with celestial chords lighting up the background and a curious lead synth line that gets your attention and pulls you deep into the groove. Finally, the heavyweight Crossbow is another bulky techno roller that is designed for big warehouse spaces. It is economical and efficient and makes for perfectly stripped back but striking techno.
Cover Artwork.

Label. Korpus 9

Artist. Hans Bouffmyhre
Title. Resonator
Format. Digital + Vinyl
Cat.Number. K9002
Release Date. Nov 23rd (Vinyl), Dec 14th (Digital) 2018
Label .Worx
Domain. http://www.korpus9.com


01. Unconditional

02. Resonator
03. Growth Chart
04. Crossbow
Previews soon.

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