Phraktal is set to release their second studio album entitled ‘Nightwalk’.

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The electronic Music Producers and Live Act from Dublin, Phraktal, known for their sci-fi inspired electronica ambient soundscapes, deep melodic house & razor-sharp techno announced the release of their second studio album, a 10-track bundle that has been entitled ‘Nightwalk‘ and is scheduled to be out on April 30th, 2021 trough Limbo Records. This is definitely an album to enjoy in every aspect of its different sound textures. Full details below

Step into a different dimension with the second studio album from Phraktal, ‘Nightwalk’. Prepare to navigate through a spectrum of deep, low-slung electronic grooves and dubbed-out rhythms that leave you wanting more.
Lead single ‘Cabal’ offers a cataclysmic sonic experience. Fierce with it’s progressive yet naturistic, tribal, outer-worldly approach, ‘Cabal’ is unlike anything that has gone before. The introduction of choral tribal chants & static endeavours of communication make for unforgettable listening. It undoubtedly presents a crescendo moment with it’s pumping bass & insatiable climax.
Cuts such as \’Look inside\’ are stripped back to the bare bones with lush emotive melodies and subtle backbeats that raise the orgasmic mood to new plains.
Making another appearance halfway through \’Nightwalk\’ the trio collaborated again with late 90’s techno icon Jamez of Touche and Mute Records. The vocal track \’Forbidden\’ introduces vocalist Louise Browne into the fray to co-write a haunting and soothing vocal with pulsating hypnotic 909 rhythms.
Phraktal flip the groove on its head with \’Kruschonk\’. The penultimate album track brings a grittiness, somewhat reminiscent of a darker force descending on earth. Layered heavily with non-native synth melodies and echoing calls, it is a stark contrast with album closer ‘Myopic’ which feels patient, yet still other-worldly. After a tentative opening, ‘Myopic’ then explodes into life with a sumptuous change in mood mid-way through the track with sharp stabbing modular synths emulating an emphatic battle.
With ‘Nightwalk’ set to launch the new and exciting sub-label of one of dance music’s royalty – Limbo Records Black series, 2021 is shaping up to be a defining moment for Phraktal.
Cover Artwork.
Label: Limbo Records
Artist: Phraktal
Title: Nightwalk
Format: Album
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date: April 30th, 2021
Cat. No. LIMB185
Distribution: InGrooves
01. Nightwalk
02. Roll With It
03. Head V Heart
04. Look Inside
05. Hypnophunk
06. Forbidden
07. Cognisant
08. Cabal
09. Kruschonk
10. Myopic
Release Date of Album singles:
Cabal (single) – February 5th, 2021
Forbidden (single) – March 5th, 2021
Look Inside (single) – April 2nd, 2021
Kruschonk (single) – May 28th, 2021

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