Bleur & MB1 returns to Korpus 9 with a first class techno EP titled ‘Moon Stalker’.

Сold-blooded Greek chart wreckers Bleur & MB1 are back to Korpus 9 with delicate assembled EP after a successful Second State invasion. Their progression is undeniable looking at how wide they walk and 4 fresh records firmly nail them down into our humble family ranks.

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The new EP titled ‘Moon Stalker‘ is going to be OUT digitally on April 9th, 2021 under the Korpus 9 catalogue.
Review. Bleur & MB1, with their EP ‘Moon Stalker’ presents 4 new original tracks made with forceful kicks, euphoric sounds and of course, a lot of dark and progressive energy. “Different styles of favorite genre, a variety of quality moods – what more to wish.” 10/10 EP.
Each Moon Stalker EP track sounds so good on its own that it\’s impossible to predict which one will fit better in your bag. Different styles of favorite genre, a variety of quality moods – what more to wish.
Stay tuned, because what it comes, is nothing but an expressive and evocative package of first class techno.
Cover Artwork.
Label: Korpus 9
Artist: Bleur & MB1
Title: Moon Stalker EP
Format: EP Digital
Release Date: April 9th,2021 (Beatport)
Cat. No. K9017
Distribution: Label Worx, Acapella Music LLC
01. First Sign (Original Mix)
02. Never Ends (Original Mix)
03. 256Colors – Vertical Lines (Original Mix)
04. Moon Stalker (Original Mix)

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