Ben Sims unveils new 50-track mix and compilation that will come out on Machine in November.

It is always a good time to share the good news, it turns out that Ben Sims has just announced a completly new 50-track compilation.

Psyk, Mark Broom, Planetary Assault Systems, Truncate, Robert Hood, Steffi are just a few names that are part of the stellar lineup in “Tribology“, which also features new music from Function and Ben Sims himself. It is true, Ben Sims has put together a 50-track mix and compilation featuring new music from Steffi, Robert Hood, Planetary Assault Systems and many many more artists.
Ben Sims Presents Tribology” will come out on “Machine“, the techno label Sims and Kirk Degiorgio set up in 2012. Both artists have contributed to the release, joining established names like DJ Deep, Vril, Oscar Mulero, Function, Ø [Phase], James Ruskin, Marcel Fengler and Tadeo. All the tracks are new-some so that they have not been named yet. Tribology will be available digitally and as a five-pack vinyl sampler from mid-November.
The realease comes out with a lot of new gigs and important dates, as it comes out, Sims and Degiorgio will hit the road starting at the UK festival Field Maneuvers. Other highlights include sets at Tresor, Ääniwalli in Helsinki and fabric, where they\’ll be joined by Sandrien, Steffi and more gigs with artist related to the announced compilation.
Track List.

01. Vril – Magnetar
02. Function – Title TBC
03. DJ Deep – The Machine
04. Museum – Mango
05. Tadeo – Releasing Focus
06. Albert Chiovenda – Prototype 454 (Sims JFF Edit)
07. Ben Gibson – Mutability
08. Ø [Phase] – Distorted Logic
09. Z.I.P.P.O – Covenant
10. Oscar Mulero – Title TBC
11. Biemsix – Gestio 2
12. Jeroen Search – Title TBC
13. Insolate – Strike
14. Stef Mendesidis – Sairex
15. Cadans – BITE
16. Charles Green – Musikbox
17. Avision – Rebel
18. Mark Broom – Outside
19. Mike Gervais – Slink
20. Jeroen Search – TITLE TBC
21. VIL – Field
22. Assailants – Effort 7 (Demo Mix)
23. SP-X – Concrete Faces
24. Marco Bruno – Any Given Sunday
25. Tripeo – Sequoia
26. Planetary Assault Systems – The Grinder
27. George Tounisidis – Title TBC
28. ROD – Embase
29. Damon Wild – Statu
30. Tasha – In The Zone
31. Blasha & Allatt – Broughton 93
32. Mark Broom – PEAK2
33. Mark Broom – Loop It
34. Mike Storm – Subsequent Actions
35. Mike Gervais – Solo
36. Biemsix – The Payback
37. Psyk – Voyager
38. James Ruskin – Title TBC
39. Truncate – Rings V1
40. Ritzi Lee – Sketch Take 7
41. Shinedoe – Road 777 (Ben Sims Unreleased Remix)
42. Ben Sims – Hiding The Horizon
43. Julien H Mulder – The Depths
44. Steffi – Title TBC
45. Alienata – The 8th Passenger
46. Museum – Viola Hold
47. Marcel Fengler – Cortex
48. Ben Sims – Drop Out
49. Robert Hood – Gun Talk (Ben Sims JFF Edit)
50. Kirk Degiorgio – Title TBC

2018 Machine Tour Dates.
Aug 31st – Field Maneuvers, Oxfordshire Field Maneuvers 2018 at TBA – London
Sept 14th – Ninkasi Tao, Lyon Quasar – Machine Tour at Ninkasi Kao
Sept 15th – Elysia, Basel Machine x Elysia: Ben Sims & DJ Pete..
Sept 21st – Tresor, Berlin Tresor Pres. Machine
Oct 5th – Six D.O.G.S, Athens
Oct 12th – Aaniwalli, Helsinki
Oct 13th – Pal, Hamburg Machine x [PAL] Ben Sims Ron Bacardi Spencer Parker
Oct 19th – Hangar, Belgrade The Hard Code Project presents Machine
Oct 20th – Dockyard Festival, Amsterdam Dockyard Festival ADE
Nov 3rd – Fabric, London Machine: Ben Sims, Sandrien, Mike Dehnert & Marcel Fengler

Ben Sims Biography.

From early formative days earning his stripes spinning hip hop, house and rave on pirate radio, and at parties around Essex and East London, through the 90\’s as an ever more in demand DJ, and on into the new millennium as a label boss, producer and internationally recognised techno legend in his own right, Ben Sims has spent all his conscious life exploring all facets of underground dance music
Throughout that time, the man has honed his reputation as a tight, energetic mixer who skilfully weaves together his own distinctive blend of tough funk and hardgrooves, often using three-deck wizardry and plenty of dexterity. Be it at clubs like Fabric London, Atomic Jam, Berghain, Florida 135, or any number of festivals around the world, Sims\’ sets are powerful, memorable, and unique, while constantly pushing the boundaries of a DJ set – utilising a mesmerizing blend of vinyl, CDs, and software.
As well as carving a reputation as one of the world\’s leading techno DJs, Ben has curated many of his own revered labels over the years. Chief amongst them is Theory – an imprint this year celebrating it\’s 40th release, that counts amongst it\’s supporters contemporary connoisseurs like Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, and the old guard of Dave Clarke, Robert Hood, Rolando and more – proof, then, that Sims is on the form of his life production wise.
Riding high on the wave of critical acclaim from his cultured debut long player on Drumcode, 2011\’s Smoke & Mirrors, an album that voyages into Sim\’s unique take on techno, coupled with authentic house outings, thanks to guest appearances from Chicago\’s Tyree Cooper and Detroit\’s Blake Baxter, whilst also showcasing plenty of dubbed-out and grainy textures.
Sims has put his name to more than 50 releases in the last two decades. During those years, there has also been a steady stream of high profile remixes of scene heavyweights, including Jeff Mills, Adam Beyer, Kevin Saunderson and Chris Liebing, on labels du jour like AXIS, KMS, CLR and Drumcode, all of which have won as much critical praise as they have crossover success.
Despite his veteran status in the scene, Sims has always been keen to evolve. Alongside Kirk Degiorgio, he is co-founder & curator of Machine – a clubnight which focuses on new, unreleased, & upfront music; it\’s primary home in London, but with editions all across Europe each year. His \’Run it Red\’ radio show, broadcast via NTSlive and podcasted afterwards, also serves to solely highlight new music.
Run It Red:

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