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Delta Funktionen is an artist driven by stories and concepts. Using technical skill and a well informed background—in part thanks to his time working in a Leeuwarden record shop—he calls on techno, electro, house, wave and ghetto sounds to conjure up musical mind movies that really take you somewhere.

For that reason, he is a regular all over Europe, the States, the Far East and Australia at esteemed clubs like Concrete, Tresor and Fabric. After formerly being a resident at Trouw and Shelter, he now has his residency at Tresor. The Dutchman’s always cinematic DJ sets keep you on your toes rather than stuck in one place, and do so by calling on a number of different colours and emotions. Importantly, though, they also retain an important sense of fun. “My sets guide you through a city of the future, from the sleek and upmarket neighbourhoods straight into the gritty slums where the hood rats are ready to get their fix,” he says of his performances, which are as much for the body as they are for the soul. This raw and edgy approach carries over into the studio, where Delta Funktionen has cooked up three full length albums and many EPs that focus on hardware setups and are informed by sci-fi imagery, political overtones and conceptual back stories. Often focussing on two or three bits of gear for each project, he always evolves with each new release, which keeps both himself and his fans guessing as to what might come next. The differing concepts and artwork with each release makes them standalone propositions with their own identities. Early on his music came on Delsin, but now it comes on his own Radio Matrix, a place that also releases music from little known but talented artists with their own stories to tell. It’s a label that is about personal relationships and encourages artists to step out of their comfort zones, much like the boss himself has been doing throughout his storied career.

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