Radial Gaze lands on Thisbe Recordings with a new EP titled ‘Refined’ (Incl. remixes by Theus Mago and Romain FX).

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Review. Radial Gaze, with their release ‘Refined’, puts out three new original tracks relying on dramatic melodies and the finest and bizarre synthetic elements. This EP is 100% made to enjoy and feel track by track how the sonic landscape of addictive synths, snappy percussion, and booming tribal congas take you away. The release is accompanied with remixes by two very talented producers that play a lot with the kind of sounds the original pieces are made of, Theus Mago and Romain FX, that each taked care with their personal sound each remix. . amazing.

Andrey and Stas aka Radial Gaze, one of the freshest production duos to emerge from Russia’s vibrant underground scene, are set to release their ‘Refined’ EP on April 23, 2021. Due out on Berlin-based independent label Thisbe Recordings, the project features three original tracks and two remixes, one by Theus Mago and the other one by Romain FX. Drawing on Andrey’s background as a resident DJ at Skotny Dvor club and Stas’ background as a sound designer and both theatre and musical director, ‘Refined’ is a perfect representation of the dramatic club music the duo are known for. 
Listen the premier of the tracks \’Fluffy Corn Syrup\’ & \’Refined\’, and find the complete release details below.


Tracks description. 
The first track ‘Fluffy Corn Syrup’ begins with a grand soundscape and bizarre synthetic elements, setting the stage for the sound of the record. After the booming tribal congas are introduced, you’re smacked with a thick dirty bassline and old school style vocal sample. As the track continues, an addictive synth riff hooks you in before a suspenseful breakdown. Once the track explodes and all the layers have emerged you can tell this one is going to be a hit on the dancefloor.
Refined’ has a similarly powerful beginning, characterized by a spaced-out vocal sample, ominous cowbell, and whooshing synths. It’s quickly clear something big is going to happen and at the drop of a coin the seriously mean bassline strikes. The sonic landscape becomes even stranger as the song continues, later adding more eerie samples and snappy percussion. The track is both weird and dancefloor-oriented, making it the perfect track to lose your mind to at the club.
The third track ‘Dense Rays’ starts off slower, with trippy synths that sound like they’re from outer space. An ominous piano is the focal point but the track gets increasingly unusual in the background with an atonal flute and other unidentifiable elements. After the breakdown, a pronounced synth line gives this track a theatrical feel that leaves you wanting more.
Next up is a remix of ‘Refined’ by Theus Mago, the alter ego of established Mexican producer Mateo González. Undoubtedly the most experimental track on the EP, Theus Mago keeps many elements of the original while making the soundscape more pronounced and tripped out. Adding a new sci-fi, 80’s style synth line, this version is wonkier than ever.
The final track is a remix of ‘Fluffy Corn Syrup’ by France based Romain FX. Immediately various styles of keyboards are layered giving this version a much more melodic sound than the original. A bright track, this deep and hopeful song is reminiscent of a spring day.
Available both on vinyl and digitally, ‘Refined’ is not to be missed! The project will be released April 23, 2021 via Thisbe Recordings!
Singles\’ release dates:
Fluffy Corn Syrup – March 12th
Refined – March 26th
Dense Rays – April 9th
Refined (Theus Mago Remix) – April 16th
Fluffy Corn Syrup (Romain FX Remix) – April 23rd
Cover Artwork.
Artist: Radial Gaze
Remixers: Theus Mago, Romain FX
Label: THISBE Recordings
Title: Refined
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital & Vinyl
Release Date Digital: April 23rd, 2021
Cat. No. THISBE02
Distribution: Ditto Music
01. Fluffy Corn Syrup
02. Refined
03. Dense Rays
04. Refined (Theus Mago Remix)
05. Fluffy Corn Syrup (Romain FX Remix)

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