Mr. Bizz “Dominance/Circle” via Deeperfect Records.

Mr. Bizz hit back with some smoothly fancy techno music on Deeperfect Records, the release is now OUT and you can get it on Beatport.

What makes this release more interesting is that it includes an excellent full of techno remix by the duo Pig & Dan, listening to this material we can come to the conclusion that the first track this release features is “Dominance” A very smoothly sound, we love the drums and really enjoyed the heavy ass bassline, Mr Bizz really did a good job on this one, catchy rhythm and of course heavy beat patterns and dark vocal snaps typical of Mr. Bizz , this kind of sound have defined their unique original style, Definitely this track is another bomb. The second track \”Circle (Pig & Dan Remix)\” are defined as well as the quality and unique sound of the dynamic duo Pig and Dan, That truly made ​​their mark on this track, as the sound mix a range of soft and energetic rhythms bearable, as in other occasions pig and dan we\’re able to find that perfect place to leave the track hanging for the indicated time and sound and then explode it and drop all kinds of sounds dark, magical, powerful that mostly inspire mind and body on the dancefloor. Meanwhile \”Circle (Original Mix)\” is softer, always showing a path to a melodic and harmonious atmosphere, preparing the sounds heavier and stronger, which penetrate into the track slowly, deeply, quality sound.

Review: 8/10 Buy all on Beatport

Release Info: Mr. Bizz are striking back with an exquisite techno release on Deeperfect Records including as well a quality remix by the magical duo of Pig and Dan. \’Dominance\’ is first on the line and begins with subdued beats as the main kick immediately comes in. A very energetic production with perfect drums and a nasty bassline underneath, while the beats pounds with a melodic synth. Pig and Dan are next with their remix on \’Circle\’ which begins with a dark oriented beats, as the main bassline takes control. Smooth sounds surround the production, until the track breaks down and unleashing the groovy synth effects. Quality stuff, simply as that. Closing this on, is the original mix of \’Circle\’. The beats flow smoothly while the production interlude a perfect melodic harmony. Be sure to give this a listen, elegant release once more from Deeperfect.


Artist: Mr. Bizz
Remixer: Pig & Dan
Tittle: Dominance/Circle

Released by: Deeperfect Records 

Release/catalogue number: DPE648
Release date: 12.08.2013
Genre: Techno
1. Dominance (Original Mix)
2. Circle (Pig & Dan Remix)
3. Circle (Original Mix)
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