Mladen Tomic take controls over Suara’s fourth volume of the succesful series ‘Techno Tools’

As they say, another great release supported by many big names in the techno scene as Gregor Tresher, Popof, Joris Voorn, Adam Beyer, Butch, Dosem, RIva Starr, Jay Lumen, Paco Osuna, Mark Knight, Marco Bailey, Kaiserdisco, Karotte, Slam, 2000andOne and more.

Suara‘s always have been, at least for us, a label that is always evolving and bringing releases that are characterized for giving hope in some way to the future of techno, you know! Techno at its finest! as we remember the great \”Lodi EP\” by Gary Beck; with an outstanding and some how dark techno music, also the \”Techno Tools Vol. 1\” that was already starring by Mladen Tomic, in that time premiered a brilliant series which until this day continues surprising us with a fancy selection of good techno music. So today its another big date for Suara, That drops out the latest release this July 29, 2013 under SUARA098, Mlade Tomic presents \”Techno Tools Vol. 4.
Thats right, We\’re now on volume four, and the techno we\’re listening is something well cooked for the dancefloor, thats what we love from Suara, every piece of the tracks they release has something you can play in the dancefloor, or just dance to it if you\’re what we call a \”dancefloor soldier\”, we guarantee \”techno tools Vol. 4\” its another master piece that will make your body sweat and dance all night long, the first track in the EP is Piano Effect (Original mix), a well introductory track. Here we began to hear some futuristic voices that definitely will excite you to get right into the track, for Behind the Mirror (Original Mix), the second track, we have nothing to say, its the perfect track for the dancefloor, very energetic, very catchy, just to get envolved in the dancefloor, Meanwhile Marley (Original Mix), the third track is full of quality sounds and some background noices that will get you on a real techno trip, hell yeah! this is the classic techno bomb we like to dance or listen and listen while we\’re driving, but or favorite track is the number four, Positions (original mix), an exquisite techno masterpiece, with dark basses and forceful drums that definitely blows your mind while the track explodes, the perfect and catchy dark sound that will get your body up and down, down and up,and finaly all this of what we have been talking need to be completed with a very related tech house sound mashed up with a lovely tropical atmosphere, we got it, this is True Story (Original Mix).
Release Info:
What is the meaning of Techno? Mladen Tomic, the Techno-bosnian ambassador, is on Suara to explain it, to remind us what a good Techno EP must contain. Five killer cuts plenty of futuristic voices, dark basses and forceful drums that will make your body sweat and dance all night long. The fourth volume of the succesful serie \”Techno Tools\” is full of quality music coming from just one inspiring head, the head of Mladen Tomic.
This is T-E-C-H-N-O with all its letters!
Artist: Mladen Tomic
Tittle: Techno Tools Vol. 4
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB

Released by: Suara

Release/catalogue number: Suara098
Release date: 29/7/2013
  1. Piano Effect (Original Mix)
  2. Behind the Mirror (Original Mix)
  3. Marley (Original Mix)
  4. Postitions (Original Mix)
  5. True Story (Original Mix)
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