Sasha Carassi returns with “Sarria’s Mind”, another Phobiq exquisite techno release.

Sasha Carassi, a realy big big name in the actual techno scene, a master or a veteran, not just because of the years that he has been creating the finest techno music.

We realy thing he’s a veteran because of the long and quality process that he’s been working on, always evolving techno sound, always strong and deeply, counting with the perfect bass kicks that we, the dancefloor soldiers, mostly love.

Since yesterday (22.07.2013) we can get another massive release from Sasha Carassi’s Label, Phobiqreleasing “SARRIA\’S MIND” (2013). Quoted from Phobiq Recordings: \”Sasha Carassi returns to his own imprint with an exquisite techno release including an excellent remix from A.Mochi and Takaaki Itoh. The original mix of Sarrias Mind is on and is a pure techno journey, full of high octane grooves brought by energetic percussion and hammering bassline. Take care this one is hot! The remix by A.Mochi and Takaaki Itoh follows and pushing this production to the limits. Its a bit deeper but the track maintains the satisfaction as the previous takes. Nothing less but an elegant production here by label boss Sasha Carassi and exciting stuff comes out from his label Phobiq.

Well, for Sarria\’s mind original mix we can tell that is a track that really starts with a progressive touch, very deep, the perfect sound to begin takin techno lovers from the hand to the most intense part of the track, when it really becomes a bomb and leaves some space sounds and catchy grooves come is when they feel the low ready to drop another interesting bomb of Sasha Carassi, this is another track ready to start the best podcast or techno sessions. meanwhile The remix by A.Mochi and Takaaki Itoh its something more heavier, if you know what we mean. This remix reflects a side more deeper and darker coming from the A.Mochi influence, shared with Takaaki Itoh special and deep sound atmosphere, thats right, we just give you the most important characteristics of the Sarria\’s Mind A.Mochi and Takaaki Itoh remix track, the perfect bomb for the dancefloor!

Review: 8.5/10 (sick techno music!)
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Artist: Sasha Carassi
Title: Sarria’s Mind
Label: Phobiq
Release Date: 22 July, 2013
Format: Digital
Cat #: PHOBIQ079D


01. Sasha Carassi – Sarria’s Mind (Original Mix)
02. Sasha Carassi – Sarria’s Mind (A. Mochi & Takaaki Itoh Remix)

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