Joachim Spieth, Urbano, Chemie, Mattias Fridell presents "WIDTH" compilation.

Affin’s “WIDTH” is a 4-track compilation containing with labelhead Joachim Spieth, Urbano, Chemie & Mattias Fridell.

Certainly the July 29, 2013 will be a very important date, especially when we know that the main feature of \”affin\” is as follows: \”The aim of Spieth and Affin is simple, to make quality music for dancing to. Proof that it is a method Which 

is working comes from the fact That international tastemakers like Seth Troxler, Laurent Garnier, Kenny 
Larkin and so many more Regularly spin Affin releases In Their sets.\”
\”WIDTH\” is a compilation characterized by their power and strength that generates unique and strong techno. is composed of four tracks produced by major heads of affin label, which is Joachim Spieth, Urban, Chemie and Mattias Fridell. Living Techno has had some access to these four tracks:  01. Joachim Spieth – Never Mind, 02. Urbano – Deconstruct, 03. Chemie – Molecular Riots and 04. Mattias Fridell – Coveled Part 1. and we generally agreed that we seemed a release of high quality and especially with a lot of energy, all four tracks are perfectly suited to what techno lovers call a techno party. so thats it, we really recommend buying this excellent compilation of affin in your favorite digital stores, we promise you will be satisfied.

Artists: Joachim Spieth, Urbano, Chemie, Mattias Fridell
Title: Width
Label: Affin
Format. Digital & Vinyl
Cat.Number. Affin 011 LTD
Release Date. July 29th, 2013
Distribution. Straight Distribution


01. Joachim Spieth – Never Mind

02. Urbano – Deconstruct
03. Chemie – Molecular Riots
04. Mattias Fridell – Coveled Part 1

Some Preview:

Width by Various Artist

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