Głós make his debut on Affin with his new EP titled ‘Swimming In Colors’.

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The next release on Joachim Spieth\’s label Affin, is a 3-track EP, which is a very interesting production by the Berlin-based artist Głós. The EP titled “Swimming In Colors” is definitely a special delivery, being Głós first publication on Affin Records.

With this release, Głós paints a musical landscape of depth and intensity sounds. Color pigments are removed and put together to form a new whole. You better stay tuned and enjoy this mind-bending sonorus experience. 
The EP will be released on March 16, 2021 via Affin.
Cover Artwork.
Artist. Głós
Title. Swimming In Colors
Label. Affin
Release date. March 16, 2021
Format. Digital
1. New Sins
2. Serenade
3. Swimming In Colours
All tracks written & produced by Christoph Grosty
Mastered by Gio @ Artefacts Mastering Berlin
Photo by Polańska Laura (LAKJI)

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