Building the Road for SMA 2013, Guatemala’s Underground Electronic Music & Arts Festival.

Something about SMA:
SMA is a festival that grew out of CUBE, Guatemala´s forefront underground electronic music concept.

The event was born in great part due to the extensive commercial music that is being altered as electronic music in the country and that has overshadowed and devastated a once uprising underground community ( Currently we host a monthly residency, a record label, a blog and contribute in several radio shows, schools and other activities that revolve around the music. Most of this sprung directly from the focus and dedication of Casta, a local Dj and producer that has almost single handedly funded the first two editions of the festival with help from local creative minds such as Jorge Letona (, Mario Profundo ( and Hubert Benfeldt ( New help has joined and the festival hopes to finally make a big leap this year with bigger names and higher attendance.

In this present year CUBE is being established as a Civil Society and hopes to get the necessary permits to evolve as a non-profit organization in a near future. SMA will be the center project of this new organization that wishes only to expand the message and contribute to hundreds of artist that want to make it, but don´t have the time, the means or the motivation to do so…….

If you want more info or want to support this interesting project, just follow the link Below:

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