Balfa delivers a new EP featuring remixes of ‘Perfecta Analogía de la Decadencia’.

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To get out from the conventional, but without leaving aside the powerful techno sounds,  here is a very interesting release by the BLF Lab audiovisual platform, that delivers a new EP featuring remixes of ‘Perfecta Analogía de la Decadencia’, the debut album of Spanish sound enthusiast Balfa. Released on a 5-track vinyl with two digital bonus tracks, the EP pushes the boundaries of contemporary electronic music. Release date: March 16th, 2021 on Vinyl & Digital formats on BLF Lab.

The collaboration of Oscar Mulero, Blush Response, Roseen, Gimenö and BLF on this seminal project provides unique perspectives in exploration of the edges of techno. The result is a sonic journey that disseminates on vastly different compositions from the minds of the individual artists.
‘Perfecta Analogía de la Decadencia’ was well-received by press worldwide when released in 2019. ‘Perfecta Analogía de la Decadencia Remixes’ extends the horizons of the sound palette enabled by Balfa through instruments of his own creation. Conceived to be a dancefloor-oriented expansion of the album, the 7-track EP takes club music to its limits while keeping the experimental aspect of the initial project.
Tracks description.
Afloración’ was originally created with several warped recordings and hidden pieces of information. Described by Balfa as a series of ‘organic elements that have been genetically manipulated’, the remix by Roseen completely picks up the tempo and energy whilst protecting the original elements of the track.
Sobreestímulos’ uses techniques of granular synthesis to create unique rhythm and drum breaks that Gimenö remixes with delicate skill, creating an atmospheric you could easily imagine being used to build up excitement during a late-night warehouse set.
Como Si De Agua Se Tratase’ was developed by Balfa from the glitch of a jack plug as it connected to a soundcard. Balfa brings new energy to this remix using his side project moniker BLF, while maintaining the abstract electrical feel that circulates around the track.
A track defined by its hard kick, and also the track that inspired the creation of the original album, Oscar Mulero’s remix of ‘Auto-Introducción’ is darker and heavier than the original. Eerie warehouses permeated by inviting experimental techno spring to mind.
Postmodernismo’ is the result of hours of experimenting with the Analog Four sound machine, and this remix by Blush Response magnetizes these sounds together to form a frenetic and slightly twisted result. A very powerful track.
Gimenö’s Warp remix of ‘Sobreestímulos’ is one of two digital bonuses at the end of the EP and brings the tempo up to real dancefloor pace, with an underlying groove that carries the glitchy wonderment created by Balfa to a new level.
Lastly, Roseen’s ‘ Different Place Mix’ of ‘Tu Ansiedad Como Receta’ is an ethereal gem that transports us through sonic sound space, underpinning the relaxed but awakening sides of Balfa’s personal journey. This is also included as a digital bonus only.
Overall, this EP is a gift of the merging of all the experimental and original sounds from Balfa’s creative palette with the individual transformative strokes of each different remixer’s audio paintbrush. A delectable journey into the outer possibilities of electronic music.
Cover Artwork.
Artist: Balfa
Remixers: Oscar Mulero, Blush Response,
Roseen, Gimenö, BLF
Title: Perfecta Analogía de la Decadencia Remixes
Format: EP
Label: BLF Lab
Release Formats: Vinyl & Digital
Release Date: March 16th, 2021
Cat. No. BLFL002
Distribution: Envelope Structure
01. Afloración (Roseen Remix)
02. Sobreestímulos (Gimenö Remix)
03. Como Si De Agua Se Tratase (BLF Remix)
04. Auto-Introducción (Oscar Mulero Remix)
05. Posmodernismo (Blush Response Remix)
06. Sobreestímulos (Gimenö Warp Remix)
07. Tu Ansiedad Como Receta (Roseen Different Places Mix)
Artist: Balfa
Remixers: Oscar Mulero, Blush Response, Roseen, Gimenö and BLF.
Mastering: Carlos Koschitzky at Koschitzky Studio, Gijón.
Artwork: Maria Mendes
Distribution: Envelope Structure

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