Masha Motive presents his new EP ‘The Imponderable Bloom’ on VOITAX.

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Time to surf in the wide range of electronic music, with Masha Motive upcoming EP ‘The Imponderable Bloom‘ on VOITAX. This release will feature 5 new tracks, that are coming out on Vinyl 12” and Digital formats on March 1st, 2021. Stay tuned and read the full story below.

Masha Motive is an artist that seeks seeks to voyage across the wide spectrum of electronics that has influenced him in his formative years. Siegert utilises an off the cuff approach to his productions – one that he had cultivated while playing as a guitarist in various metal and hardcore bands in his youth.
The German producer soon found himself developing a curiosity for melding his accumulated arsenal of musical approaches, which are shown in the polished palate we see today – something that has translated to both his productions, as well as his label’s output. Driven by an ethos to blur the lines of conventional genres, Masha Motive is definitely a hot prospect tipped for greatness.
As VOITAX enters its eighth year as a label, co-founder Christoph Siegert aka Masha Motive steps up to the plate with his first solo material that has been titled \’The Imponderable Bloom\’.
Having played a highly influential role in whittling the label’s established signature sound, the German producer chose to take his time to hone in on his craft, before dropping any production of his own. The result – a studiously crafted expedition filled with dominant breaks, dense bass and swelling ambience, flirting between the realms of jungle, dubstep and downtempo.
Inviting chimes gently welcome the EP, before plunging us into the dark sub-heavy groove of »Sweet Dripping Resin«. A bass powered, half-time rhythm that synergies with its percussive topping to brutal effect. »Artificial Fruit« utilises minimalist percussion and sparse reverberance to pave way for the pulsing bassline. »Cedar’s« raw drum grooves maintain its pace as the tribal breakbeat leads the way for the haunting pads to escort the journey through twists and turns.
The flip side plays host to the EP’s namesake divided into two chapters. The »Imponderable Bloom Pt.1« is a drone fuelled, down tempo trudge through murky soundscapes choosing to weaponize jungle breaks with class and precision. Playful break chops are the bread- winner for this outing, with serious nods to the UK jungle scene. »The Imponderable Bloom Pt.2« draws the journey to a close with plenty of grace and poise. As the momentum of the percussion gears down in the closing scene, Masha Motive showcases his finely tuned capabilities of sound design. Tasteful smatterings of sinister vocals are juxtaposed by sprinkles of uplifting, yet foreboding glimpses of melodies gently guide Siegert’s closing sequence to an end.
Cover Artwork.
Artist: Masha Motive
Title: The Imponderable Bloom
Catno: VOI024
Release Date: March 1st, 2021
Format: Vinyl 12” + Digital
Genre: Jungle, Dubstep
A1. Masha Motive – Sweet Dripping Resin
A2. Masha Motive – Artificial Fruit
A3. Masha Motive – Cedar
B1. Masha Motive – The Imponderable Bloom Pt. 1
B2. Masha Motive – The Imponderable Bloom Pt. 2

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