Julia Bondar catches you with her new single release titled ‘Enchanted’.

Review: With her new single “Enchanted”, Julia Bondar as usual brings out a track full of modular rhythms, fine bass lines, majestic sounds and of course, a deep and intense melody very typical of bondar productions. You need to listen this music, the tracks sounds amazing, the mastering is on top. Great release!

Buy track: Soon at Bandcamp
Who could get tired of saying that there is something really special about Julia Bondar? Not us.
Last year was a tremendous year for Julia, she started it with the release \’I Want Forbidden EP\’ at the beginning of 2020, and ended the year with her fabulous ‘Industrial Symphony‘ LP. 
Now, Julia Bondar continues her (as usual) good productions and announced her new single titled ‘Enchanted‘, that is set to be released on January 14th, 2021 via Endorphin.es Production.
This is a good time to remember that Julia started her journey of musicianship doing demonstrations for Endorphin.es eurorack modular synthesizers to help her partner Andreas Zhukovsky, founder and developer of the Endorphin.es® brand, to promote and demonstrate the possibilities of the freshly engineered music instruments for the market. Shortly Julia becomes co-founder of an internationally acknowledged brand.
As an independent electronic musician at her own Endorphin.es Production label, she can fully express her genuine voice. She follows only her inner feeling of beauty and artistry.
Of course, you can dance under her tracks but you also can explore a state of hypnosis with all your hidden depth of sensual desires. Julia\’s raw and pure modular synth sound invites you to a new enchanted world where you can immerse into her story or create your own.
Julia is not a copycat of business techno. She brings meaning and consciousness to each of her releases. 
The new ‘Enchanted’ single was mixed and mastered by platinum record selling musician and record producer Glenn Morrison at his multi Grammy Award winning Alpine Studio Mastering.
\”Like a red thread, through the whole composition, you hear an infinite polymeric melody. It hunts you overlapping on each circle, but you aren\’t running out of it. The contrary – it catches you and leaves enchanted.”  Stay tuned. 
Below listen to the Live versions of the track “Enchanted” played by Julia Bondar at the beginning of the following video.
Artist: Julia Bondar
Title: Enchanted
Format: single
Label: Endorphin.es Production
Format: digital download / streaming
Release Date: January 14th, 2021
Catalog number: JB-07
Distribution: Distrokid, Record Union
Genre: deep / melodic techno
1. Enchanted

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