Brand new collaboration between Varg2 ™ and Exploited Body puts out a killer trance induced EP titled ‘Etsin Turvaa’.

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Review. For this installment, the Northern Electronics label presented a very emotional EP full of emerging hard core, electronic and avant-garde sounds. The collaborative meeting between Varg2 ™ and Exploited Body ended up showcasing an outstanding innovative sound that definitely is reaching another level of rhythm perfection. ‘Etsin Turvaa’ is definitely not a release to miss. Outstanding work.

It seems like a proper time to generate some communication to announce a fabulous upcoming release. We are talking about the next record on Anthony Linell & Jonas Röhnberg’s Northern Electronics label. 

The 78th installation invites a brand new collaboration between Varg2™ and Finnish producer, DJ, and mastering engineer, Exploited Body, for a killer trance induced EP parallel with the labels forward thinking aesthetic. The new EP has been titled \’Etsin Turvaa\’, and sees 5 new very emotive tracks. Read the full story below.
A collaborative meeting between Varg2™ and Exploited Body has produced a scalding mess of sweat and suspicion across five headstrong tracks, gesturing towards a new and recombinant vector that’s lurking out there during hiatus.
Recorded together in Helsinki, ‘Etsin Turvaa (Parting is Certain & Loss Will Come Again)’ yokes the morbid mechanics of Varg2™’s stroboscopic dread to the pyretic catharsis of Exploited Body’s ascendant, club-sourced flares.
The closing track, ‘Haunt Me Like the Snakes That Killed You,’ offers the smallest respite following the bedlam of ‘Fuck You Forever (Parting is Certain & Loss Will Come Again).’ The opening pair, ‘Karhü’ and ‘Etsin Turvaa (I Promise this Will Be the Last Time),’ spiral out of control from the elegant core that each track’s rougher elements are pinned to.
Cover Artwork.
Artist. Varg2™ & Exploited Body
Title. Etsin Turvaa 
Label. Northern Electronics 
Cat#. NE78
Format. Vinyl 12″ / Digital 
Release date. December 4th, 2020
A1 / 1. Karhü
A2 / 2. Etsin Turvaa (I Promise this Will Be the Last Time)
B1 / 3. Bass2™ (Cease & Desist)
B2 / 4. Fuck You Forever (Parting is Certain & Loss Will Come Again)
B3 / 5. Haunt Me Like the Snakes that Killed You (ft. Vallmo)


Northern Electronics 78
Produced by Varg2™ & Exploited Body.
Recorded in Helsinki, Finland in November 2019.
Vocals on ‘Haunt Me Like The Snakes that Killed You’ by Vallmo.
Artwork by Cali Thornhill Dewitt
Mixed by Noah Kin.
Mastered by Neel at EnissLab, Rome

NE78 – All rights reserved
℗ & © Northern Electronics 2020

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